The Last Story TV Commercial (Japan)

Gamertag Radio writes: "Here's the first Japanese TV commercial of the Wii upcoming RPG The Last Story."

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7amani2836d ago

Masha'Allah this game is wonderful in everything ^_^

kewlkat0072836d ago

I already love the MUSIC....I think I've played every game " Hironobu Sakaguchi" been part of. This will not be any different.

FFXIII left a sour taste..if it wasn't for the Graphics/Music/story that game totally blows. I need a RPG fix.

fatstarr2836d ago

beautiful i hope it makes it west. i will be getting it day one

Mahr2836d ago


Yeah, rub it in, why don't you!

tunaks12835d ago

looks awesome!


the villain looks a lot like ganadorf!

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