23 New Images Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Here are new images of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Arcades which include CG renders of several of the fighters. Yoshimitsu is sporting a new look for the fighter as he usually does in each new game.

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jay22835d ago

I can't wait for this, better not come out next year on consoles.

ExplosionSauce2835d ago

I don't understand why they couldn't implement the Tag gameplay in Tekken 6, even on a separate mode, instead of being two different games.

Hope they do that for Tekken 7.

Edito2835d ago

Don't rise expectations cause they ain't gonna do that cause Namco want's profit and that's all.

Lyr1c2835d ago

I just need to know if Lars is in it....

MaideninBlack2835d ago

Harada-san confirmed that every playable character from T6 is in TTT2. Btw, I hate Lars.

Lyr1c2835d ago

No reason to hate him.

He's amazing if you can use him. (Which I can :P)

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

I hope they make the fights more dynamic like in the old days instead of these repetitive combos we see online.

Focker4202835d ago

Lars is the worst character added into Tekken. Lars with the combination of 'bound' completely ruined Tekken for me. More 'bound' than Lars but I still hate them both. Hes easy to use but his attacks are really cheap.

Lyr1c2835d ago

Lars is far from the worst character added to the game. I understand if you don't like him because you have trouble fighting him, but to call him the worst is ridiculous.

Edito2835d ago

lol Lars rocks bro i can help you understand Lars in a Online battle if u want :-)

MaideninBlack2835d ago

He's tricky to fight against, especially for me since my favorite character to use is Sergei and he's not as fast as most of the Tekken cast.

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The guy in the armour is Yoshimitsu, and that's Forest Law not Marshal Law (I think)

CobraKai2835d ago

Yoshimitsu looks like he was ripped from Final Fantasy

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