DC Universe Online Impressions - 1up

Thoughts and reactions to the new MMO from Sony Online Entertainment.

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silvacrest3546d ago

"The game also reminds me of Crackdown (arguably the best superhero videogame this console generation)"

really? REALLY?? infamous doesn't even get a mentioned? and tell me who is a super hero in crackdown? i thought they were powered up cops

Jinxstar3546d ago

I agree. For me it's a toss up between batman AA and infamous.

I am loving DC universe so far but I really can't see how it reminds him of Crackdown... oh well...

any heroes on "Blood will run" add me.

silvacrest3545d ago

i even forgot about batman AA, both infamous and AA are in my opinion far better superhero games

Lord_Doggington3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

he says arguably, relax

crackdown has superhero qualities in that you leap between buildings and take on crowds of criminals by yourself.

it would have helped if you had read the following sentence in the article:
"This may stem from the fact that you can pick up almost any object in the world to use in battle, and you uncover hidden green question marks and exclamation points (not quite agility orbs, but they're close)."

silvacrest3545d ago

infamous, batman AA and even prototype

i read the whole article before commenting so plz dont assume you know what i read

Jinxstar3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

The part that got me was this quote that you put up... How are landmarks and agility orbs in anyway the same? Might as well say "It reminds me of super mario because you pick up yellow coins in that game and in this one you go up to yellow question marks are it tells you a little about the city"... I know crackdown has superhero qualities but really these 2 games are as different as bioshock and call of duty. just because they are both FPS's doesn't make them comparable. An MMO vs a SP(Mainly) game... Maybe I'm just too much of a purest though. you can compare apples to oranges because they are both fruit. but thats like comparing Street fighter to ICO because you use a controller for both... Point being you can only really compare DCU to other MMO's and at least in the early on parts it's pretty flawless. I have yet to see how much the end game offers but as far as MMO's go it's pretty darn good.

Lord_Doggington3545d ago

in my opinion, i really don't think a comic book should be made into an MMO. comics were always about the character, not the action. especially dc comics. in games like this and in the marvel alliance games, they're just using characters and their powers as an excuse to have a different playable character. so unless there's a gripping arcing storyline (ever successfully done on an MMO?), there's nothing that will resemble the heart of why I fell in love w/ comics

i think that's why Batman AA was so successful. It was a great character piece.

Baka-akaB3545d ago

You actually get the feel the feel of the usual interactions between villains and heroes , be it solo or as a group .

So far the storyline are comparable to individual hero tales , and wide company event crossovers

Lord_Doggington3545d ago

good might try it out then. thx

Lirky3545d ago

DCu shouldnt be compared to anything only compared to like a game that the same developer made.

Like if ppl say dcu is like champions online just less shell shaded and thicker customization options thats fair.

I was in the beta its a great game, and im curious in the future of dcu if itll go free 2 play for the console version and pc versions once like it makes a hefty amount to equal their profits for developing the game.

Then when its free 2 play with premium clothing/other stuff in the cash shop thatll be cool too.

ASSASSYN 36o3545d ago

Free to play due to making a hefty profit? That is comtradicting for a company out to make money.

soundslike3545d ago

Turbine says hello. Riot Games says sup.

F2P isn't ideal for a game like DCUO though. Much of the gear collection can be cosmetic only, so making that huge part of the game sent to the cash shop would just ruin it completely.

Si-Fly3545d ago

Guess what? Lirky's back on another DC thread banging on about free to play, this is getting ridiculous now. Either ask your parents to cough up the money for your sub or go play something else until you can afford P2Ps.

Baka-akaB3545d ago

The worst part is , those folks dont get how utterly broken and unbalanced f2p games usually are .

how they end up costing more than subs based games if you wanna play seriously .

the only good f2p are games that went subs based first and later on failed .

Baka-akaB3545d ago

"Like if ppl say dcu is like champions online just less shell shaded and thicker customization options thats fair. "

Champions isnt even half as good as CoH ... Wich is why it's going f2p along with (fake) cryptic studios other mmo .

It attracted people , wich later on found it shallow and left . They werent even properly listened to complaints and feedbacks for a good while .

sub based games dont go suddenly f2p after they are major successes . They go because they are dying and need a rebirth .

it worked wonder for some titles , but it's hardly the paradise you make it .

Anyway champion is meh . it basically aped CoH with less content and polish , and tried to pull the same stunt .
Not releasing villains and a real pvp was a big no-no . People acccepted it for CoH because well , it was a pioneer and did wonders later on with City of Villains .

Figboy3545d ago

Crackdown? Um, no.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVED Crackdown from the moment I played the original at an E3 years ago, but it's hardly the best super hero game of the generation, even arguably.

They aren't even superheroes.

Batman: AA, and inFAMOUS are the two best superhero games I've played all generation. Crackdown is a very fun, if shallow, open world game.

DCUO didn't make me think of Crackdown at all. It made me think of...DCU Online.

Not every game has to feel like, or be inspired by another game. Some games dare to feel like an original concept. It's like the people that were trying to shit in Uncharted's cereal back in the day calling it Dude Raider, or Heavenly Sword calling it Goddess of War. The truth is, those games didn't feel ANYTHING like the franchises they were being held up against. And that's FINE.

I had a great time in the DCUO Beta, and I'm really looking forward to picking the game up when I have the disposable cash.

For an MMO, DCUO feels very fresh and unique. It has a lot of good things going for it, and seeing DCU characters interacting with each other, and interacting with you is pretty cool. It was awesome teaming up with The Flash and tackling Gorilla Grodd. I was a speedster too, so me and The Flash were zipping around back and forth, dodging his attacks and moving in for our own moves. Lot of fun.

It's a shame we can't have characters like The Flash, Martian Manhunter, or Green Lantern as Mentors. Maybe they'll add them in future updates, since they claim they'll be adding a LOT of stuff on a monthly basis.

silvacrest3545d ago

i agree with most of what you said and want to add that i have played my fair share of MMO's and even the free to play ones have expansions and regular updates

Malebaria3545d ago

Totally agreed. Still baffles me how people never review a product by its own qualities,what´s the point then?
Anyway,can´t wait to delve into DCUO soon!

rbluetank3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

i like DCU so far. the UT3 is showing it age pretty bad in DCU. the sounds keeps dipping in and out. there is alot of pop ups,clipping,screen tearing and bland colors throughout the city. the game keeps freezing up on my ps3slim. DCU still has alot of good things going on. the best thing to me is all of the custum designs. their is a lot of bullys in DCU. lmao i was just standing on top of building. a level 20 player ran up the buliding and kicked my level 12 butt!!! sometimes you are just trying to do your objectives and the DCU bully squad will just start kicking your butt out of the blue. it funny as hell AT TIMES.... i hope alot of people give this game a shot! it is worth it despite it flaws....

Blackcanary3545d ago

Very true i was doing the mission where u need to save the titans and Raven and this dude would not leave me alone i sware his spent most of his time so he could pick a fight with me lol. very good game though i loved the beta and i'm loving the full game.

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