Xboxer360: Top 10 Computer Game Voices

Ryan Syrett writes: We all have them, etched deep within our minds. That little voice that, when heard, causes total and utter joyful cerebral meltdown. Here is a little rundown of some of my favorite games character voices. I don’t expect you to agree with all of them but hopefully there’s one or two that will have you screaming like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

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Cajun Chicken2884d ago

I'm pretty sure that Abe was voiced by Lorne Lanning, the head honcho of Oddworld Inhabitants.

Ducky2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

... Wakka is Bender?
Oh God, I was so ignorant this whole time. =(

Good list. =)

Brewski0072884d ago

Yeah! I didnt know that either.

Really cool list and a good read over all.

Acquiescence2884d ago

This list needs more Rolf Saxon; the guy who voiced George Stobbart in all the Broken Sword games. Nobody else could play that role, he IS the guy.

SquareEnixFan2884d ago

Wakka is the absolute worst character John Di Maggio has ever voiced.

SeraphimBlade2884d ago

Okay, who else would buy a version of Gears of War that had Fenix voiced like Bender?

My Favorites:
- Jennifer Hale - Her credits include FemShep in Mass Effect, Sheena in Tales of Symphonia, Naomi and E.E. in Metal Gear and Ophelia in Brutal Legend. She even voiced Samus in the Prime games. Oh, the glory days when all she did was grunt and gasp...

- King Bohan, Heavenly Sword (Andy Serkis) There are certain things you expect game villains to do, and sticking their tongue out at the heroine when she's pissed off is not one of them. Bohan is one of them most memorable villains this generation partially because of his silly side in a genre dominated by Sauron wannabes.

- Everyone (Nier) - Okay so your party consists of a slutty potty mouth, a kid that cries about damn near everything, and an uppity- erm, book. It sounds like the most annoying cast ever, but the delivery is unparalleled and makes the characters much better than, well, just about any other Square game.

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