Cyborg R.A.T 3 Gaming Mouse Review

MEGamers: "
We gamers are a choosy lot when it comes to gaming mice. We will make-do with the most generic of keyboards, but when it comes to the mouse of choice, we have our arms stacked together. And this could be why most manufacturers have only lightly tried to produce some truly unique designs alas it falls on the wrong side of the gamer brigade. The first and foremost mental tick we make when selecting a mouse is comfort and ergonomics, and only then we venture out to the feature list. Hence, while we have seen some great looking mouse, they essentially look from the same side of the family. They still have the familiar belly, large thumb rest, side buttons, dpi changers, and black finish that Razer has so well made us got used to.

So this is what I envision must have happened at MadCatz HQ when designers sat down to form the Cyborg R.A.T 3.

“Hey, so we have absolutely crazy looking products already, and we are not known for subtly and class either, so how can we make a mouse along those lines?”

“Oh, let’s make it look like a ripped off paw of a robotic dog!”.

“Fine idea, sir. Approved!”

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