Mario Kart And Metroid Confirmed As EU 3DS Launch Titles?

With the 3DS reveal event in Amsterdam this coming Wednesday (19th Jan), it has become known that Jonathan Ross will be hosting the event. He writes on Twitter that he has had a chance to play a prototype of the upcoming handheld device and mentions that he has played Mario Kart on it!

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jay22835d ago

Hope so, I lost quite a lot of confirence in Nintendo with the backwards Wii, but they've won me round with the 3DS. Of cause, PSP 2's a first day buy too, I've pre-ordered 2 3DS's time to make some serious money.

NoobSessions2835d ago

Hopefully... Metroid Prime Hunters was a blast in the DS's earily days, and was actually the first online game Ive played that wasnt on the PC

Venox20082835d ago

I am crossing my fingers too on this one.. I WANT METROID PRIME (new) 3DS!!! :)