The Five Scariest Video Game Prisons

John from NAGF writes: "My mum was arrested for theft and murder the other day. Whilst sat in the prison, sighing and filling out the necessary paperwork before she could be let back out onto the streets, I couldn’t help but notice how clean and ‘up-to-code’ Merseyside’s local prison was.

"So I got to thinking on the way home about some of the prisons I’ve seen in video games, and tried telling my mum about how dirty, scummy and downright frightening they can be. She didn’t hear my speech because she was busy pickpocketing and throwing chips at old people."

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Tommykrem2831d ago

Demon's Souls definetly ought to be here. Funny list though :)

ATiElite2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I can't believe no Butcher Bay or Dark Athena, come on!

Well I take that back these two weren't that scary, actually very clean and neat.

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doa7662830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

not only the scariest prison level ever but probably one of the scariest of all time is missing: the Tower of Latria (world 3) from Demon's Souls

King-Leonidas2830d ago

lol and Suffering from ps2 days

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Kon2830d ago

Prison Tycoon. There is a classic

Ninja-Sama2830d ago

Amnesia: The Dark Descent should win this hands down. The prison in that game was quite unsettling.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Lol, Prison Tycoon?

Amensia the Dark Descent is the best by default (also the top survival horror game)

CaptainPunch2830d ago

The Prison in Arkham Asylum was pretty freaky, at least to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.