Game informer: If You Hate Chickens You'll Love This Minecraft Massacre

Something terrible happens when you build a giant wall of egg launchers in Minecraft. It's too horrible to describe.

What else is there to say really.

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LMS2885d ago

this clip would be great for a new show called "your computer may be trash if..."\

if you get 8 frames per second in minecraft, time to get a better netboook

toaster2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Do you not see how many objects and NPCs are on-screen at once? Don't let the blocky graphics fool you.

NRG2885d ago

Lets see you make a more optimized 3D game written in Java.

Ducky2885d ago

I don't think the visuals or optimization is the issue.
The CPU probably can't handle the number of chickens... or the RAM fails.

lol @ the youtube comments.


nickjkl2885d ago

dude you posted the wrong video this is the one with the massacre

Masterchef20072885d ago

poor chickens now thats real animal abuse.

rezzah2885d ago

I dont get the point of this game, is it just something to pass the time in class or what? I say this because ive seen two classmates playing this while my teacher was giving a lecture.

Theodore872885d ago

I'm clueless too. Watched some playthrough youtube videos and have no idea why so many people love this.

specialguest2885d ago

When did the massacre happened? Just saw a bunch of eggs shot towards chickens, but no bloody or dead chickens.

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