Kikizo - Little Big Planet 2 review

It’s hard to think of a console game that deserves a sequel more than LittleBigPlanet, still harder to think of a console game that needs a sequel less. This, after all, is the nearest thing the PlayStation 3 has to Fallout’s Garden of Eden Creation Kit, a level editing toolset vast enough to swallow (and providing those lawyers turn a blind eye, regurgitate) the cream of the 1990s, whose angular cardboard boughs still put forth joyous, beaded-cushion fruit two years down the line.

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FrankMcSpank2885d ago

This review already hit the Meta but G4's didn't? What gives? Great score anyway.

Fel082885d ago

2 more days!!!! Can't hardly wait.

awesomeperson2885d ago

4 for me, darn Aussie release at the 20th :(

L-a-i-n2885d ago

Yeah that extra 2 day wait sucks sometimes I agree.

R_aVe_N2884d ago

Yeah, I really wish they could get that down where it releases everywhere at the same time.

awesomeperson2884d ago

Same... Only 2 days now :)

shammgod2885d ago

I should have taken the week off of work for this...LOL

AnimeRaven2885d ago

I forgot all about this website... On top good review!

weaslebob2885d ago

Yeah i was reading thought meta and saw it it is not a bad site.

AnimeRaven2884d ago

lol that is where I found them again as well.