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The latest Game Informer review scores include LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and more.

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SupahJ2927d ago

Ghost Trick got a 6.0? That doesn't sound right at all...

kancerkid2927d ago

Omigod, finally. Thank you for that.

RememberThe3572927d ago

Thats not because of us. It's because videogame reviewers score too high.

ExplosionSauce2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

For some games maybe.
But according to the graphs, many gamers consider an 80 or 75 to be bad(depending on the console at times).

While movies with similar scores are usually considered good or decent.

PS. People know damn straight that LBP2 should be higher than that (if it weren't for those dishonest 6.5s or 7/10 reviews) :P

hikayu2927d ago

well , it is seems that they're not rating games too high . they're just rating the game on a scale of 5 . 5-10 , that is .

what a bunch of mumbo jumbo . dead space 2 and LBP 2 definitely deserve the score . im not a racing fan , cant speak for GT5 . it looks great tho .

schlanz2927d ago

There's a difference between spending $5-10 and 2 hours on an average (or bad) movie than $40-60 and 10+ hours on a videogame.

So while I agree that it's stupid for gamers to outright dismiss games that average below an 85, you can't blame them for being more picky when the financial and time commitments are a lot higher than moviegoing.

Also that ghost trick score is way too low.

inveni02926d ago

I totally agree. If movies cost me $70 to see (actually, with a wife, two kids and a third on the way, they soon will), I wouldn't see any that weren't rated 90+.

Eyeco2926d ago

well then again games are more expensive than movies, but overall i agree our standards are either way to high, or we use inaccurate, inconsistent websites like Metacritic as a way of telling us what a great game is, Metacritic told me GTA4 is the best game i can possibly play, to me it was a 7 at most

TheLastGuardian2926d ago

Why does LBP2 have to have a lower meta score than LBP1? LBP2 is a such an improvement so it doesn't really make sense to have a lower score. Most reviewers were giving it 9.5 and 10's so why only 92? regardless of the score I know I will enjoy LBP2 for years to come.

The Iron Sheik2926d ago

Too much innovation, content and replayability. Reviewers don't like that,

visualb2926d ago

*claps slowly*

bravo =D


wow, lotsa 9's!

HolyOrangeCows2925d ago

"But according to the graphs, many gamers consider an 80 or 75 to be bad"

Those are reviews from the REVIEWERS. It is the REVIEWERS who have inflated the scoring system, NOT gamers.

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chriski3332927d ago

awesome cant wait for dead space 2

mike90772927d ago

Wow 9.5 LBG2 is a beast

worldgames2927d ago

Yep no stopping this little beast.

I have searched everywhere for a CE copy and they are pre sold out accross the total country. Shattered.

Ill get the normal and pray someones cancels their pre order.

Shikoro2926d ago

He meant LittleBigGalaxy 2 :D


TehUltimateNewb2926d ago

I bought the LBP1 day one, loved it... But when they began releasing costume packs in the UK for £4.99 or so, it became quite annoying. We all know about milking cows and no matter how good LBP1 was, that much money for costumes is outrageous.

I still ended up splashing out an extra £30 for packs, but when LBP2 releases, I might just wait and let it go down in price. LBP1, after 3 months on shelves, went from £40 to £12 brand new. So wouldn;t it be more cost effective for us consumers to buy the game later down the line and then reward Media Molecule by buying the additional costumes? That way, you get the game and addtional content for lot lot less money.

What does anyone think??

TBH, 4 costumes should not be worth more than a quid regardless of licensing costs. Infamous in a Sony brand so no licensing required but still cost £1.50. Am i missing something???

/rant over lool

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eggbert2927d ago

Meh. I was going to get LBP2 regardless.

But its nice to see Dead Space 2 get some love, I'd pick it up if it wasn't releasing so close to LBP2 :(. Maybe in a month or two...

worldgames2927d ago

I think KZ3 will be up there aswell, I have put a heap of time into the online beta and it is really impressive. The beta only had 3 levels and I was blown away so much fun, the jet packs where cool aswell.

vickers5002927d ago


The Last Guardian will.

Djinn2927d ago

LMAO. last guardians he says... *tears stream down eyes*

vickers5002926d ago

If it's anywhere near as good as Shadow of the Colossus, then U3 and LBP2 don't stand a chance.

MysticStrummer2926d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if LBP2, UC3, or Last Guardian won GotY, all based on the past titles from the same devs of course, since I haven't played any of them yet. Already 3 clear contenders for GotY on PS3... assuming LG does come out this year. I wasn't a big fan of KZ2, but KZ3 may pleasantly surprise me and be in the running also.

Kon2926d ago

You still think TLG will be released this year? lolol

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PSjesus2927d ago

Good scores for LBP2 and DS2
But Ghost Trick deserve at least 8,one of the best DS title
ever,i'm on Ch6 and cant put it down:)

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