Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix scan

Check out a new scan of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix from this week's Jump.

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emk20042836d ago

i just with they would bring bbs to psn or ps2.

ReservoirDog3162836d ago

Yeah just to be clear for people who haven't finished BBS, that picture from the article actually has spoilers. Like from the very* end of the game. Don't know why they'd put that.

Just being helpful.

Cheeseknight282836d ago

Friend of mine was looking over my shoulder while I browsed this, and he is in the process of playing Birth. Had to yell at him to avert his eyes, else he spoils Terra's campaign.

The shadowy creature and Aqua's keyblade are the only things that confuse me.

mcmmaster2836d ago

I reckon that aqua pic looks like she has a boss fight in the realm of darkness

Whitefox7892835d ago

The keyblade is also the one that belongs to


Master Eraqus


NBT912836d ago

Damn it every time there is a bit of KH news I want to play through all the Games again