Cease and Desist - An Open Letter to Sega of America

An open letter from one of Thunderbolt's editors to Sega about the recent Dreamcast Collection announcement.

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Warprincess1162835d ago

I hope he knows sega is not gone to read
that letter and they definitely not gone to
reply back. Also that was too much to read.
Thank god he included pics or i would have just skim
the entire thing.

asherdeus2834d ago

Yeah, because it was the pictures that really made that article.

Cajun Chicken2835d ago

It is a stupid collection. This should of at least had Jet Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket.

2834d ago
Kon2834d ago

Sega Bass Fishing...Space Channel... Lame collection.

Picnic2834d ago

I'm afraid that I don't really have much sympathy. Anyone with taste who wants to play the best Dreamcast titles (which would include the second Sonic Adventure title and the first Jet Set Radio game) would buy a Dreamcast (such an iconic white box) for next to nothing off Ebay and play it on a nice controller with a cool VMU and fast loading times. I don't WANT Sega to put their very best wares on the Xbox360. I cling to some hope that a Dreamcast 2 could one day emerge.

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The story is too old to be commented.