Fight Night Champion Quick Clip #5 - Gameplay Highlights

Its Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns in this quick clip of Gameplay from the upcoming Fight Night Champion!!

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Omegabalmung2830d ago

everything looks good. The only thing they still need to fix is the footwork. Still looks like they are ice skating around the ring but other then that I'm freaking pumped for the game.

xGet_In_There2830d ago

Same here, pretty pumped for it. I am surprised it is M for Mature though. All the others are Teen. MAkes me want it more lol.

jetlian2830d ago

story mode has guns and uses bad language

SanMarco2830d ago

looks like crap.. fight night round 3 was legendary..
they need to scrap everything they know and do something weve never seen.
this looks just like their last game fnr4

xGet_In_There2830d ago

Round 3 was my favorite. I'll still check this one out though.

Serjikal_Strike2830d ago

And nowhere in that gameplay did I see a reason to give this game an M rating....
Nothing has improved from the previous titles...

jetlian2830d ago

really? they have 4 stamina bars, new cuts and swelling,more punching animations, New movie like story(reason for M rating), and you add power to all punches(stiff jabs)

DelbertGrady2830d ago

The graphics look completely amazing. And good choice of fighters in the video. Marvin Hagler and "Hitman" Tommy Hearns ftw!

liban-ali2830d ago

All I can see was them skating around but the punch animations are much smoother.