Nintendo 3DS: The story so far

Ben Silver writes: "Bummed that there are no new home consoles coming in 2011? Buck up, gamer: Nintendo's got your back.

Announced last June at the E3 2010 convention, the company's portable 3DS system is hitting shelves on February 26 in Japan and sometime around the end of March in North America, bringing with it the promise of true 3D visuals in the palm of your hand. It's a daring move, but one that many believe is exactly what Nintendo needs to do to maintain their relevance in a market increasingly encroached upon by the likes of Apple and Android."

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Hitman07692837d ago

PSP 2 will destroy this thing, I'm getting cold feet already and it isn't even released yet, hurry up Nintendo.

cgmike2837d ago

Totally. It's gonna be like DS and PSP all over again!

Wait a minute...

AWBrawler2837d ago

I see the graphics being close like 360 and PS3 and I see 3DS winning out since it has a headstart and more games