DC Universe Online A Hit In Europe

SOE’s delayed mmorpg set in the world of DC comics finally became available for the PS3 and PC on January 11th in North America and the 14th in Europe where according to John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, the game is seeing more players than expected.

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Elvfam5112859d ago

Really want to try this game out but the 15 dollar a month.... ahh my life

ALICE6662859d ago

its less than 50cents a day.. if you really wanted to play it (which i doubt it) then you find a way to fund it. really getting sick of you whiners on monthly fees.

JoeReno2859d ago

"just 50¢ a day can provide a hero or villan food and clean drinking water. If you act now will provide you with a picture of the hero/ villan that you are keeping alive on one of our many servers".

Hahaha in all seriousness though, DCUO rocks. Having such fun with this game. Worth keeping a subscription for or at least a few months.

FAGOL2859d ago

The fact is many of the console gamers ar'nt used to a monthly subscription. And what is wrong with you. The guy said he wants to try the game out and you say you 'doubt it'. Yheesh. Not all of us have money growing out of our ass.

Spitfire_Riggz2859d ago


Correction, Many of the PS3 gamers aren't used to a monthly subscription! Although SOME 360 gamers arent either


/\ I see what you did there!

plenty a tool2859d ago exactly! now if only the same sony fanboys who continually moan about the price of live would shut-up also.

i like playing on the psn for free, but i also like playing on live...even less than dcuniverse a day

Game-ur2859d ago

3month subscribtion+1st month free amounts to 7.5$ a month for the first 4 months.

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Death24942859d ago

Dude I agree with you, but I must admit, I played the hell out of that beta. I reached the level cap in within 48 hours. I'm thinking about it, and it wouldn't be worth it if i didn't play it. But honestly I'd know I'd be putting a lot time in on it.

rdgneoz32859d ago

level cap in beta was only 20. Its 30 in live atm. Also, when you hit 30, you can do duos, hard modes of all the instances and new instances, as well as raids.

multips3fan2859d ago

i want to buyit as well.but with so many exclusives and multiplats coming for the ps3 each month .15$ a month will kill me

badz1492859d ago

ok, serious question. you will die because of the amount of time needed to play all these games or because of churning out $15 a month? if the later, then you have better things to be worried about, buddy!

rdgneoz32859d ago

"so many exclusives and multiplats coming for the ps3 each month .15$ a month will kill me"

15 a month is the same as 1 game every 4 months. If you're buying several games each month, "then you're obviously spending more than 15 a month which will kill you".

p.s. Ever play MMos on the PC, most good ones or decent ones are 15 a month.
p.p.s. If you get more than 1 month at a time, its at a discounted rate.

AK462859d ago

Picking this up! But I will be missing my monthly payments here and there, to experience the other AAA titles.

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Clarence2859d ago

Great game I have been playing it for 5hrs straight. Its so many creative heros and villians running, flying, and jumping around. If you buy the game the first 30 days are free. After that you will start getting charged.

Vherostar2859d ago

Its annoying you have wait in a queue for EU servers to get in. Need more servers..

JoeReno2859d ago

I know I read that they are working on that.. I'm pretty sure it was on this site that I read it.

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MarioWarfare2859d ago

The subscription fee is the only thing that's keeping me away from this game

-Ikon-2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

DONT LET the fee keep you from the game. Honestly to me its worth it. Plus PSN being free is just icing on the cake for me. DCUO has months and months of content. I just pay for this and gamefly all the other titles I beat in 7 hours. I'm sure DS2,Gears3,Crysis2 and other games will be great but only worth a rent.

I'll stick to my DCUO have a League of 7 working men and its just fun doing all these things with others..

Oh and if your a trophy or achievement whore this game will keep you busy for a long time. Theres these things called feats and they are every where and pertain to everything.


Tony-A2859d ago

Man, if it weren't for that subscription fee....

Lirky2859d ago

Since things are far more pricier in europe i bet its harder to pay 2 play this game, unless they lower the monthly payment.

kanetheking2859d ago

you still bitching about dc online.see you next articles then

silvacrest2859d ago

im sure us in europe will find someway to pay for

Si-Fly2859d ago

It's no pricier in Europe, £9.99 a month. Getting really tired of seeing you in DC threads Lirky, do one already!!

blackburn52859d ago

Starting on a good foot this year. LBP2, DCUO and ME2 all with fantastic scores. I'll bet KZ3 will continue this trend.

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