Capcom USA On Super Street Fighter IV For PC

Capcom recently conducted a live “Ask Capcom” video Q&A, where Capcom’s U.S. Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, answered a variety of questions from the company’s fans.

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mn212834d ago

if i recall capcom didn't want to add a SSF4 to the PC because of piracy from SF4. i doubt they'll add a PC version.

Epedemic2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

yet they brought dead rising 2 and lost planet 2 to pc. give me a break capcom.

multipayer2834d ago

I'd expect a release now, but why would I buy a year old game that should have been a patch for the first one already on PC...

Anyway, I bought DR2 day 1 on PC because it actually had a simultaneous release with the other platforms. Hopefully Capcom gets the message, I'd do the same with Bulletstorm if that game didn't give me flashbacks of a million other Unreal 3 engine games.

Ravenor2834d ago

I believe it was the community manager or the producer who said that the Pirated version was nothing more then a full featured demo. It had no access to any of the features that makes these releases of Street FIghter worthwhile.

The lack of SSFIV on the PC never really bothered me though, I can easily just purchase it on the PS3 or 360.

Ravenor2832d ago

So, simply playing SP with no saves is a better way of playing Street Fighter IV?

drexl2834d ago

if he's such a diehard pc gamer as he says he is, what the hell's he doing working at capcom of all places? why not work at an actual dedicated PC developer like Valve or Blizzard, not a console-oriented dev like capcom.

RockmanII72834d ago

You don't always get to chose where you work and Capcom probably offered something that other places didn't, be it more money, insurance, being able to work with friends/family, or the job in general.

kagon012834d ago

I'll wait and see...

Hopefully it doesn't depend on GFWL.

iamgoatman2834d ago

Meh, I gave up waiting and bought a copy for my 360 just before Christmas, used from ebay.

Even if they do release it on PC I doubt it will do very well, I mean the console version came out last April, and I can't imagine many PC gamers coughing out for what is essentially a tiny add-on to SF4. But of course I can see Capcom blaming piracy again if it doesn't sell.