Dragon Age II is nothing like the original

Dragon age II has a unique lead character, new combat and magic systems and a completely different story telling style from the original. What does this mean? Dragon Age II is more like an original game.

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Dsnyder2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Hopefully the combat wont suck. We need real time combat not "push a button and watch them fight while you do nothing" combat

shadowmoses6232922d ago

Very true its action combat or nothing for me when it comes to RPG's.

Stealth20k2922d ago

action and turn based rpgs are great

both can get super boring without some change of pace

dktxx22922d ago

If you prefer a more action like experience then play Dragon Age on easy, and just don't pause to plan out your combat. Its still challenging, and you get a more action like experience. At first I hate Dragon Age and its tactical combat, but I switched the difficulty and it let me play a more action packed game which let me enjoy all the game had to offer.

Really cool thing Bio did with that.

DA_SHREDDER2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"Very true its action combat or nothing for me when it comes to RPG's. "

There is so much fail in that short statement of yours. You want an action game? Go play God of War or Mass Effect. BTW, just so you know, rpg's are not known for their action elements. Thats just something that you noobs who started gaming this gen came up with and just stuck because the majority of people on Earth are freaking dumb.

shadowmoses6232922d ago

@DA_SHREDDER started gaming this gen? plz man I just stated that ever since i have played action rpgs I have prefered to play my rpgs that way. Oh and for your information i have been playing games since the SNES days. Don't be worried about what I like to play worry about why you have no bubbles.

MRMagoo1232922d ago

wow since the snes games thats soooo long ago lol /s

ddurand12922d ago

demons souls is a perfect example of an action RPG. what a game. I havent played dragon age yet. I plan to at some point though when its really cheap. Looking forward to see the second game.

WildArmed2921d ago

RPGs have always been about the story/lore/characters for me.
DA:O had one of the best lore/stories/universe I've seen in awhile.

Combat is secondary, (I mean I'd love for it to be fantastic, but I can still do w/o a great combat system)

The combat system was ok in DA:O.
But that was hardly the main attraction of DA:O for me.

I liked action RPGs, but I like turn based RPGs abit more..
Stragedy/semi-RTS RPGs (like DA:O) are definitely not my thing, but I'm willing to overlook it for the story and overall experience of the game..

going to pick up DA2 regradless, I'm just waaay too much into the Dragon Age lore at this point.

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Sarcasm2922d ago

"push a button and watch them fight while you do nothing" combat "

That's actually why I could never get into world of warcraft. It feels pretty lame.

Nac2922d ago

You haven't been playing RPG's that long. Atleast be thankful it's not 100% turnbased.

hassi942922d ago

Why does that mean that? He could've been playing RPGs for ages but never enjoyed the slow combat. Maybe he's only just started LIKING RPGs over the past 7-8 years.

At some other people: Some people have different tastes, doesn't make them less of a gamer or anything, stop being douchebags about it.

Nac2921d ago

BioWare has been doing realtime/turnbase for ages, to be fair, so have many others. Dragon Age wasn't passed off as an "Action RPG", the older BioWare fanbase knew what to expect.

I'm not being a "douchebag" about it, I just knew info about the game going in. I'm not going to knock it for what it wasn't, Im going to praise it for what it was.

hassi942921d ago

The 'douchebag' part wasn't directed at you by the way, what you said was a valid argument, I was just making a rebuttal.

And I know real time RPGs have existed for a long time, but they are ever more popular now than before, so I'm saying maybe the action element present in many RPGs these days is what grabs him, even though he's tried playing turn based long before (and not enjoyed it).

RedPawn2922d ago

I think they stream lined it, like they did ME2.

MAJ0R2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

for consoles, that was their focus

RedPawn2922d ago

Hmmmm, not disputing you, but the first one wasn't super huge if I'm not mistaken.

A gripe I heard a lot, was it was too text heavy for some players.

Raf1k12922d ago

Probably because they were expecting it to be a TPS and weren't used to playing RPGs.

hassi942922d ago

I dunno about it being too text heavy. If you're the kind of person who enjoys getting really deep with an RPG and engrossing yourself in the rich world it was great. I love going through dialogue trees and stuff while some people skip the dialogue, just fight frantically then get through the main story asap.

I'd say they are missing most of the game and most of the point of it, but to each their own.

shammgod2922d ago

NOthing like the original? Does that mean this will be fun?

WhiteNoise2922d ago

This is probably a good thing. Even on PC the combat was tedious some times. I don't know how anyone played the game without the use of the top down view in some battles....oh that's right console gamers play every game on the easiest difficulty. No need for potions and strategy when you can steamroll through the game.

Just like the complaints of ME2 being a 'shooter'; they came from people who picked a soldier and played on easy. I don't think the developers are to blame for noob strategy.

But DA2 looks better than the first in every day. Hopefully this game won't play like balls compared to the Witcher like the first did.

WhiteNoise2922d ago

@ Disagrees

Hows auto aim and checkpoints every 2 minutes treating you?, what about a virtual pat on the back in the form of trophies or achievements for every second thing you do?

* you killed 10 enemies by headshot *


Yeah man, there is absolutely no hand holding or oversimplification on consoles.

dktxx22922d ago

Maybe its not the people playing on easy that like the backpatting, maybe its the egotistical elitist who thinks their awesome because they can play a video game on high difficulty.

How does someone playing on easy and enjoying themselves affect your gaming? It doesn't, at all.

ExPresident2922d ago

Achievements in Starcraft II, WoW, and 'Steam Achievements' all say hi.

shammgod2921d ago

Haha...good rant. I am with white noise on this. Bubbles

Imalwaysright2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Wow. What an idiotic comment. Demons Souls is by far the most difficult RPG of this generation and one of the most hardcore and difficult games of the generation and guess what its a console exclusive.

schlanz2921d ago

I played DA:O for PS3 3 times, first time on normal and last two times on hard. A top-down view would have helped a lot for some parts but it wasn't that bad all in all.

But I agree, II looks better in every way. I also like the fresh approach to the storytelling. I'm still getting it for PS3 (even though my PC could easily handle it). I like trophies, sue me.

outwar60102922d ago

:( i loved the original. I loved all the variables that i took into consideration each playthrough

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