Thermaltake Level 10 GT Preview / Hexus

Designed as a "mainstream" successor to the original Level 10, it's basically a smaller, lighter and cheaper alternative to the 2009 chassis that many coveted but few could afford. Priced at around $249 (roughly £190 inc. VAT), the GT is over £300 cheaper than the original and may end up being a better performer, too. Let's not forget, the Level 10 may have been jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it offered impractical dimensions and average cooling performance at an exorbitant price. [Parm Mann]

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ATiElite3813d ago

The original Level 10 was $799 which is insane. If they can get the price of this down to the $199 and under point then it will be a good buy. Sure there are cases better than this one out there that are cheaper but this one has a handle which is great for Lan Parties. Plus it really does a lot of things in a new design versus the old BOX.