Kinect-Controlled Gundam Mech Stands On Its Own One Foot

In the evolution of Kinect-controlled robotics, we've gone from a Roomba in November, to a robot moving its arms in December, now to one that may stand on one foot. We should be slaves to our robot overlords by May.

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Mcardle2836d ago

This shizzle is getting out of hand. Skynet is only a few hacks away....

eggbert2836d ago

not even close to skynet, this is user controlled.

We won't be needing John Connor until the robot starts moving on its own.

ct032836d ago

But this is how it started last time.
Man, I can't believe we came back, tried to change it all and now it's happening all over again. We were naive to think we could change the fate of mankind. I will need to let the resistance know.

BattleAxe2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Very impressive, but its scary at the same time, because you're right, Skynet is right around the corner. Militaries around the world are using drones for surveillance and in the case of the USA, bombings.

20 years from now warfare, and possibly crowd control will be a totally different game. Even the creators of the new Ghost recon have said that things like cloaking technology which we've seen in Killzone2, Crysis and even Predator the movie are closer to reality than we think. Heck, I'm sure that many of the UFO sightings that are seen in Nevada and Arizona are U.S. Military Anti-Gravity Aircraft which are called the TR-3B (Google it)

Mcardle2836d ago

The cod crowd are going to be pissed off when Modern Warfare 6 comes out and it's just a fat general pushing buttons at a desk.

thor2836d ago

hahaha "anti-gravity" - you should spend less time visiting conspiracy websites. We know what causes UFO sightings:
- Actual flying objects such as planes and balloons
- Human error; our brains and eyes malfunctioning
- Photographic errors; broken film, glare or reflections from the lens
- Fakes; some people just want attention

BattleAxe2836d ago

Youtube "Disclosure Project" and hear testimony from high ranking military officials at the National Press Club from the year 2000. You're only kidding yourself.

ironmonkey2836d ago

na looks fake as fuck. somethin from robot chicken shit

StarScream4Ever2836d ago

G Gundam here it comes...


Neo Nugget2836d ago

I have to admit....that was pretty cool.

tplarkin72836d ago

It's something we've never seen before. The responsiveness of the robot made it look and feel human.

Sheddi2836d ago

You may wonder why the army hasn't come up with something like this...

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The story is too old to be commented.