Gamespot: DC Universe Online - Twisted Vine Gameplay Movie (PC)

Twisted Vine lays down the law with her staff and summon.

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undercovrr3545d ago

Wow the player does not know how to use the staff. He/she uses the same move over and over and over....
And yes i would know because My char has a staff in the game

clintos593545d ago

Indeed learning to put combos together will lead u to stronger attacks, I notice this person is sticking with the basics lol. Its cool, some gamers take a bit to learn. I have no problems with my attacks but I do have a little trouble learning to use my powers which is nature the powers im currently using. Ill get a hold of it soon though.

soundslike3545d ago

Chill, its not like the hive mobs required effort. Stingers, maybe, not the workers though.

despair3545d ago

he's level 8, so he won't have all combos, plus at that low level if a certain combo gives best results you would stick with it until something better wouldn't you?

Pain3545d ago

i Suck at nailing my Combo's.. im a brawler... i do pretty good in PvP with out them lol but... will do MUCH better when i learn them..

p.s Beating people with your fists is crazy fun.

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negroguy3545d ago

This person would get destroyed in PVP. You have to bust out some combos for some stuns or knockbacks. I just love doing combos cuz I look good doing them!

Miths3545d ago

I'm guilty of just hammering the same weapon button most of the time with my characters (none of them higher than level 8 yet) - plus mixing in power use of course.

By combos do you mean just stringing together random variations of (on PS3) square and triangle (melee and ranged) button hits, or making use of the special weapon attacks you can unlock with skill points (which I do try to use when appropriate)?

soundslike3545d ago

the special weapon attacks are integrated into combination of square and triangle.

your POWER abilities are triggered by the L2 + X O etc