Midway: Halo 3 will help BlackSite sell

In an interview in UK videogame trade paper MCV, a Midway representative has made the interesting claim that BlackSite (its forthcoming sci-fi FPS) will actually benefit from going up against Halo 3.

"BlackSite will absolutely benefit from the popularity of Halo, and stands a fair chance of hitting number one," Aidan Minter, European brand manager for the company told MCV.

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sticky doja5060d ago

I hope they are right about the beast that is Halo helping out Blacksite's sales, for their sake.

xaphanze5060d ago

what about UT3 and Haze on ps3? Could also be a problem for this game.

Sangheili855060d ago

Of course it will take the number 1 spot from halo 3 considering it's a sequel to Area 51 the most AWESOME game EVER!

Oh wait that game was horrible... FREAKING Horrible! i played it and at the end i was like "wtf?" I only got to kill on short gray alien.

damnwrx5060d ago

After [email protected] what games they have left..........

BIadestarX5060d ago

Mass Effect in your @$$! and pretty much every good 3rd party game that will be released... COD4... Alan wake... Too Human... you are just another Sony lemming...
That's like me saying... after KillZone 2 the PS3 has nothing.... or before MGS4 the PS3 has nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.