Gamespot: Review in Progress: DC Universe Online

Want some initial thoughts on DC Universe Online? We've donned our thigh-high boots just for the occasion.

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Kon3543d ago

And they didn't accept my article about the IGN review in progress...

R_aVe_N3543d ago

lol I agree a story about a review that is not yet reviewed is kind of umm odd. I don't think either should have been approved. It is pretty like a preview to a review...


I hope it is not Justin Calvert reviewing this.

3543d ago
multipayer3543d ago

This game has reminded me how much better of an action game experience I'd have with Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden, Devils Third etc. They may even have co-op. It'd be like this game without the ugly graphics, mind numbing collectathon and hundreds of unhelpful players whizzing by you. Maybe I'm a hater, but I don't understand the need for MMOs. I'd rather have new games and faster internet.

GuruStarr783542d ago

That level in the above video took me and my team a few hours to beat....mainly because of the end boss.....even at level 10, he kept kicking our ass.....but when we finally took him was one of the most rewarding moments I can remember in my 30 yrs of gaming...

This is my first time in an MMO, and I can really see what all the fuss is about now.