Do You Remember? - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

As a kid, Croc would keep many entertained for hours on end. The games, themselves, had mixed response from the critics, but for kids all around the world, it brought many smiles. The game only recieved just 1 sequel, possibly due to the mixed reception of the second game (so the game didn't last as long as Spyro did).

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HarryMonogenis2835d ago

I remember a long time ago --back in the PS1 days-- when I received a special demo disc in the mail. I still have no idea who sent it to me but it had a pretty cool menu full of demos.

One of them actually happened to be "Croc 2" -- or something like that. To this day I still remember his "wada-smack-wada-POW" ; noises that he made. XD

LoaMcLoa2835d ago

Croc 2 was the most improved sequel evah!

The rising from the last boss from the first game was epic >:D

Kran2835d ago

Yet it got mixed response for critcs :( I never got a chance to play the sequel. :(

Jezuz2835d ago

holy shit. I remember the name of this game....but gameplay not so much, but i do remember that this is fun....

ReservoirDog3162835d ago

Oh wow. I remember this game! I used to play it so much when I was little. I remember I finished it once (didn't have a memory card back then so it was an old fashioned one try to finish it) and it froze on the last cutscene after the final boss. I did it but never got the true satisfaction of finishing it. Would buy it again if they put it on the ps store.

ForzaGT2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

the slowest walking platformer on the PSone yet a classic game part of great platormer for the PS1 with crash and spyro

SoSLy2835d ago

slowest walking? cause i remember he can run... maybe you just didnt figure it out with your "troll" intellect.

Haly2835d ago

Used to love Croc. I suspect it's aged very badly though :(

Nate-Dog2835d ago

I think I bought it or played the demo of the first one on PS1, awesome game.

Snatcher2835d ago

Played the demo of Croc 2 on PSone. It was fun :D

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The story is too old to be commented.