Oliver Stone and Michael Mann: Kinect gamers

Two of America’s finest filmmakers play Kinect at CES 2011.

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deadreckoning6662886d ago

It's great to see that Kinect is opening doors for non-gamers.

NYC_Gamer2886d ago

i have to admit kinect is reaching a lot of people outside of the gaming world

GodofSackboy2886d ago

No, it's awful. Absolutely awful. How could you possibly think that it is good when you obviously not casual, so it won't benefit you at all, all it does is encourage M$ to keep focusing on this laggy Eyetoy copy POS. I can't even comprehend how you came to that conclusion.

MarioWarfare2886d ago

Laggy eyetoy copy? Have you even used the Kinect? I am not a big fan of the kinect but it's really fun to play with friends/ family.

Loner2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

U seem butthurt that Kinect is successful while both the eyetoy and move are flops

On topic good for Stone and Mann the more people having fun gaming the better
Thats what gaming is all about.A lesson some of the bitter fanboys need to learn

Jack Meahoffer2886d ago


Are you okay? Do you need someone to call the WAAAAAAHbulance for you?

Keep saying it all you want but neither the EyeToy or PSEye have an IR projector and sensor like Kinect.

"I can't even comprehend how you came to that conclusion"

Of course you can't comprehend... I'd be more supprised if you DID comprehend.

lowcarb2886d ago

Godofsackboy-Quit whining like you know what your talking about.

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MaximusPrime2886d ago

what happened after?

back to the real world.. filming

aviator1892886d ago

yes...because that's their occupation, filming to make money...

MarioWarfare2886d ago

Kinect is gonna bring in a whole lot of casual gamers just like the wii

BABY-JEDI2886d ago

I'm just curious, are they going to direct KINECT games?? Now that would be interesting!

The Iron Sheik2886d ago

I'm a big fan of both these guys. Oliver Stone had trouble with Kinect at first, he just kept moving his arm back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left.

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