Replay: Crash Bandicoot

In the mid-90s, Nintendo had the iconic Mario and Sega had a not-quite-tarnished Sonic the Hedgehog. When Sony broke into the home console market with the original Playstation, they wanted a piece of that platforming mascot action. Enter Crash Bandicoot, an orange, spinning marsupial.

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iamnsuperman2885d ago

Recently being playing this with my girlfriend it is her favourite game. It made me get out my old PS1 games

Cajun Chicken2885d ago

I find it sad that in a short number of games, developers forgot what made Crash Bandicoot as a franchise. As a franchise Crash seems lost now, thanks to Sierra and Activision rebooting, or getting Crash to sit in a Karting game which were never better than CTR.

Here, I list the last GOOD console Crash Bandicoot games;

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (2001)
Twinsanity (2004)

Note that those two are made by the same developer, Travelers Tales.

Every other Crash game since then has been diabolical. Sierra and Activision have done a very bad job with the guy. Such a shame, such potential.

JohnApocalypse2885d ago

I never played Twinsanity but I thought wrath of Cortex was really sweet

JohnApocalypse2885d ago

Man this game has surprisingly aged well