Chuckey Man Arrested In GameStop Tunneling Break-In

GameStop thefts are nothing out of the ordinary. Still, this guy had the right idea -- break into a different place, and then tunnel in through the wall.

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Kran2885d ago

A store filled with new releases of games and brand new games consoles. He takes the money. Worst gameshow ever!

ATiElite2884d ago

There is gonna be more of this in 2011 as the sheer amount of AAA titles coming out is mind-blowing.

I just bought a hard hat w/ the light of course and a shovel. As soon as spring hits...It's ON!!

Agent Smith2885d ago

"...tunnel in through the wall."

Gotta love old style break-ins.

TheColbertinator2884d ago

Reminds me of the old Spy vs Spy comics from MAD magazine

dalibor2884d ago

Wow I remember playing Spy vs Spy for the Nes back in the day.

Kon2884d ago

The link is broken or is just me?

2884d ago
BLAKHOODe2884d ago

criminals really are dumb.

why didn't he just break into the GameStop directly? it would have taken less time, less trouble and when he got caught, he would have been facing less charges.

real smooth, bro!

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The story is too old to be commented.