N64 Games Deserving of A Nintendo 3DS Overhaul

Nintendo is using the launch of the 3DS to blow the dust off some of its first 'flat' 3D efforts in order to give them a proper 3D makeover - Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 are already confirmed.

But what other N64 classics also deserve a second lease of life on Nintendo's soon-to-be-released pocket rocket? 3DSFocus takes a look.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2831d ago

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MrAwesome2831d ago

Super Smash Bros. should be here...
In fact it deserves a full new version on the 3DS.

schlanz2830d ago

I'd be pissed if there was a port of SSB. As you said, a full new version is well deserving.

Venox20082830d ago

Donkey kong 64!!!!! Conker 3D!!!! Those two I can be happy :)

shuandrew2830d ago

@Venox2008: I would love that, too! Tried to stick to Nintendo-published games, given their frosty relationship with Rare nowadays.