Want to know what's wrong with the PlayStation 3?

GameCritics: After an episode of Torchwood (Season Two, and wow, Gwen is a moron) we were kind of spinning our wheels until I remembered that I bought Heavy Rain's The Taxidermist DLC quite a while ago, and had never gotten around to it. Since we're both fans of David Cage's games, more or less, that seemed like a good direction to go.

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Jack Meahoffer2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I'll get disagreed to hell but I have to agree my biggest problem with the PS3 versus the 360 is the update process. Firmware and game updates take much longer on PS3.

Anyone that says people saying this are fanboys or biased or have a bad Internet connection have never seen the difference and just want to blindly defend the console they worship. It's a fact.

It's frustrating to sit down to play a game maybe smoke a bowl all ripped and ready to play only to be greeted by a long update. Wait for the download. Wait for the install.

This is running off the same wired to router connection so it's not my internet.

Because of this I only play exclusives on my PS3.

Look and the coward disagree already. Reality denying cowards.

Lamarthedancer2835d ago

I bought Heavy Rain a few days and ago and because of the updates and even the biggest one, the PS3 Move update, it took 2 hours.

Now it might be my internet connection but yeah most PS3 things take a long time but I managed to shake it off when I saw Heavy rains graphics.

seij5552835d ago

I have never had this happen. Only with mgs4.

Jdoki2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Rob and Jack.

My first experience of GT5 was a 600MB patch which took forever, followed by the 30min install. Really annoying.

Nothing worse than wanting to have a quick blast of something only to see a huge patch for it. Although people do forget that you can cancel out of the patch process and still play the game if it's single player (obviously doesn't work if you want to play multiplayer).

I picked up a PSN Plus account, and problem solved. Although I really think auto-patching should be a free standard feature.

despair2835d ago

depends on the update, some games have multiple updates that basically add up but I have never seen one to be more than a few hundred megs. Also all firmware updates work like re installing the entire operating system. Its always around 150-170 MB in size no matter how big or small the update.

So a person updating from version 2.0-3.55 is using the exact same file as someone from 3.5-3.55. Kinda sucks but you can always download it on your comp and manually install it.


its even worse when u get a new ps3 you have to download a massive firmware update followed by game updates for all ur games

Jack Meahoffer2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

@Rob and Jkoki

Yeah I put up with it for PS3 exclusives because they're great games.

But even saying PS3 exclusives are great I'm still labeled a 360 fanboy and get disagreed to hell because you're not allowed to say anything negative about master. These idiot disagreers are children that I'd like to meet in person so I could show them first hand and they'd still disagree and I'd have to punch their teeth out of the fat childish heads.

@ (Not really a) DualConsoleOwner

The 360 firmware updates happen rarely so you'd think they'd take longer. Besides we're talking mainly about GAME updates anyway. Which take longer on PS3. This is FACT and your love for Sony can't change it. Grow up.

DualConsoleOwner2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

than PSN. only difference is the firmware updates.

fanboys are just mad cause ps3 is getting amazing game list.

gamerzBEreal172835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

while i agree updates take longer on the ps3 i dont agree that for a little reason like that u buy all your games on 360 there are much bigger problems on 360 lol what is going to take longer a 30-60 minute update ( at worst) are finding your receit driving to gamestop and getting another copy because yours got scratched and while your there buying xbox live just so u can play online on that multiplat game....and if u get playstation plus you know theres a feature that downloads fireware updates updates for games and even demos...while you are away from the controller So why dont you get out of that timemachine and buy some multiplats for your playstation!

why the dissagrees? its only true 360 scratches games i rather wait for the install then to have my 360 scratch my games and have to trade it in and pay to play the other half of that game lol ps3 has the full game just with a 20 minute install so its not that bad at all

also u know u can install games on 360 to? no its not manditory but it helps not scratch the disk ...oh looks like microsoft agrees with me to lol

TheLastGuardian2835d ago

It's not what's wrong with the PS3, it's what's wrong with the dumbasses who haven't bought one yet.

BLACKBOIJONES2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

U are so right, i remember when devil may cry 4 came out, it had like a 30-40min install which was just fucking annoying while the 360 version was just put cd in and play,and the same happened to grand theft auto 4..e.t.c. Dont b suprised with the disagree, people have different opinions so i can understand that but im sure majority of the disagrees comes from blind fan boys who cant accept the fact.

That is why 360 fan boys scream patchstation 3 and truth b told they have a point when they say that. But that will not stop me from buying the ps3 exclusive coming out this year :p

Jack Meahoffer2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


You STFU. All you did was attack me personally and didn't even TRY to refute what I said. They're cowards for automatically disagreeing with any criticism against Sony without any regard for whether its factual or not and don't even try to refute what I said... Just like you.

I have a 30MB down Comcast connection. My 360 and PS3 are BOTH wired to the same router.

I wouldn't make this up because I have both consoles and have no reason to root for and worship one or the other. I'm an adult with a job and wants to sit down and play games when I want to play games. Not wait for some slow update.

Cowards don't stand and defend their opinions. They just disagree then run and hide behind the crowd.

How the F can a person that says PS3 exclusives are great also be a 360 fanboy?

If I said the moon was NOT made of cheese and you disagreed without saying why you'd be a coward in my opinion. A stupid coward at that.

So either refute what I said or go hide with your coward buddies.

Christopher2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Microsoft owns some very powerful Internet technology Intellectual Properties. Very much like Microsoft's ability to integrate X-game chat, Sony just can't compete until technology completely changes. Or, Sony can pay Microsoft some very hefty fees to use their technology.

It's hard for me to say if this is a good or a bad thing. I do believe that a single company like Microsoft owning the rights to the IPs that they do is kind of the same thing old Cell Phone Providers had to deal with when Verizon pretty much controlled tower availability.

Having said that, I'm not really put out since I'm not into online and I've learned through years of MMO gaming to do my updates, downloads, and installs at night time.

It would be much nicer to see Sony implement something better, but can they?

If you got DCUO for the PS3, you might have noticed how fast the download rates were for the initial game update. It was definitely the fastest I've seen of any large file download and install process. SOE has a huge history of this sort of thing, so perhaps if Sony were to take their architecture and concepts and apply them across the PSN it would see better results.

xtremeimport2835d ago

fist. 1. bad news story about the xbox outselling the ps3 by 88% and BAM back are all the articles about whats so bad about the Ps3. 2. this shit i keep hearing about how the ps3 needs an update everytime you turn it on...i'd like to know where they are getting these updates as i hardly have this issue. and lastly, yeah the update procss might be longer than the xbox but its spoken as if it takes hours. the longest update i've had in a long time took maybe 10-15minutes IF THAT. and yea, the installing of a game is a pain and idk why developers still do this other than to aid the slower reading bluray drive. just...stop bitching people its annoying.

P_Bomb2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I guess I'm a coward too *clicks disagree* :p

Wanting to punch people out over videogames clearly shows you have issues.

"Reality" multiplats tend to get the same patches for the same things more often than not (Burnout, RDR, COD, Battlefield etc) so I don't know wtf games you are playing. Maybe I need to 'smoke some bowls' too lol.

Don't know about you, but I'm sure the 360 crowd hopes they get patched for Battlefield Vietnam's broken online just as soon as the PS3 does.

Jack Meahoffer2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


Clearly you missed the whole point. Yes multiplatform games normally get the same patches on both platforms the difference is the PS3 update takes much longer than the 360 and its very annoying. You know... The point of the article. And the update problem happens with PS3 exclusives so how does your point counter anything?

As far as "punching people over video games" again if you actually read my comment you'd see that I said even if I showed these people first hand they'd still disagree to protect their console. That is punch worthy. If this was opinion then fine have whatever opinion you want but this is a witnessable fact.

Maybe you should smoke some bowls maybe then you could conprehend the topic of discussion here.

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

15gb download for my slim ps3 took 4hrs. Other people people took a day or two to download the dcuo beta. I'm pretty sure its people's internet connection. I got comcast 20gb plan.

P_Bomb2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

The crux of the article was about Heavy Rain's Move patch that drove him crazy due to a lack of space on his HD and him not cancelling it, both of which were his own fault.

Quantic Dream can be criticized for the 2GB patch, but patches are RARELY EVER that big. That's the size of some games, but it was a new code for MOVE. He generalized about it though and applied it to everything, even though games like Uncharted and GOW don't even have installs.

360 has CAPS imposed by MS which keep file sizes down and even free DLC on the outs (ask Rockstar re. RDR and Valve re. L4D2). That doesn't always make it a better system.

The actual speed is your IP's deal. Thats why some people download the same beasts like DCU much faster than others. The advantage 360 has is it installs simultaneously like DCUO.

He also bitched about updating every time he turns his system on, which any idiot can google and see via past firmware dates, isn't all that often. Means he doesn't play much. And your bowl is empty! The freaking least you could do is share. :(

04soldier2835d ago

As a long time PS3 only owner, It can be extremely frustrating to pop in a new (or old revisited game) to be greeted with hefty long updates and installs.

It really takes you outta the mood to game when you have to sit and wait which seems like forever.

What happened to the good ol' cartridges where you just blew em' once or twice and was midway through the first level???

I've found the solution to this one disengaging problem withing PS PLUS. Y'see it updates all my current games automatically while I'm away or asleep. So I don't have to sit 10-15 minutes waiting on patches to complete.

But I don't believe we should have to pay $50/year just for such a useful simple feature....

Tron_Rocks2835d ago

You blind Sony Tools can't admit this is so very common. The PS3 IS FAR AND AWAY SLOWER when it comes to updates than on the 360.
Anyone who owns both such as I and are not blinded as so many here are can attest to this!

Dee_912835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

didnt we already discuss this
it depends on your internet connection

people actin like you gtta install updates every week
its the ps3 fault because you dont have enough space on it .. wow

i play my ps3 almost every day and i cant even remember the last firmware update

my latest update was with the sims and take took 5mins the most

madpuppy2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I have no problem "putting up" with the updates, firmware or otherwise. it's so much better than your system dying on you every few months, how long has a 360 owner had to wait to get their console back from Texas?

2 weeks? 3? well, add all the the time PS3 takes on updates and compare it to when the 360 dies you ship it, gets "repaired" and when you get it back, then compare who took longer.

But, I will agree, I am biased, after all the broken 360's I had to deal with I am just happy to have a console that just works.

and for the record, It can be annoying to wait for an update when you just want to kill 20 min or so playing a game before you have to go somewhere only to just wait for a 15 min update.

Still, I'll take the PS3 every time, than you very much.

Rainstorm812835d ago

360 - has more updates
PS3 - updates take longer

I have and play both 360 and PS3, and i play games on both i get some multiplats on both.

The 360 updates are usually about 3 to 5 MB which isnt bad, and the PS3 updates varies wildly anywhere from 25MB to the HR 2GB update.

But when the 360 downloads comparable files the speeds are similar, it all depends on ur ISP, like the battlefield multiplayer update which was 1.5 GB or so and that took forever.

The only thing this article has a point on is the PS3 installs, which were more common earlier in the PS3 life span.....installs, patch sizes, all are dependent on the console.....albeit i agree sometimes its a minor annoyance (on both consoles) but nothing too serious it comes with the online revolution in this generation.

Dice012835d ago

@Jack Meahoffer Wow someone takes this internet drama a little too should get out more lol.

crazyclown2835d ago

is it so hard to let the system update and get a life for like a few hours? or let it update when sleeping? geez pathetic

Bolts2835d ago

Wow you were right about all those disagrees. We PS3 fans like to smoke our bowls while the firmware or updates are being installed.

Smoking your bowl too early is a noob move.

earthbounding2835d ago

People don't really read comments around here. They just take a quick look to see if the comment is against the PS3 or not to hit the disagree button. This website is overflowing with PS3 fanboys; its community is a piece of shit. That's why I gave up commenting around here. It's just best to not give a shit about these close minded children.

Dee_912835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

well u sir care way too much about the agree and disagree system
when i post
i post to voice my opinion not to get agrees

and i say bad stuff about the ps3
but i dont get disagreed with
because usually its something most ps3 owners agree with and not just bitching about dumb stuff
such as updates

milohighclub2835d ago

if he was playing the dlc does that not mean he's already played heavy rain??? why would he need to install the game data again?? and to be honest i've never heard of content that deletes itself. if your that pissed with updates get psplus.

ravinash2835d ago


How do these updates work on a 360 without a hard drive?
I'm sure games need to be patched andthe OS updated, so how do the 360s with no drive hold on to this information?
I know there will be some flash drive for holding onto the OS, but that would hold all the info for the updates for games.

I'm just wondering that if the PS3 has a hard drive, it gives more options for the devs to create larger patches and hence causes them to be bigger download.
Just a thought.

RevXM2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I dont see the updates as a big deal, for me it usually takes a short minute to download. (GT5 update took a like 10 minutes though)

I have a fairly good connection so I dont really bother, and never thought of it that the 360 game updates go faster.

_____________________________ ___________________________

But this guy is complaining about Mandatory install's.
Really how can he?
They usually boost the loading speed and sometimes even performance.

He must have a really small HDD if he havent got enough space.
Ive got 20 ps3 games, between 30-40 movies plus a few trailers and 47 episodes of Code geass, 5+ GB of music, Hundreds of pictures, some themes and multiple save files for some games. and I have plentey to go like 100GB. (250 GB model)

He needs a new HDD 500 GB's are cheap.
He could even get a SSD if he wanted a slight boost in reliability and about 30% faster writing/loading on average.

schlanz2835d ago

Disagree. No doubt the updates are a bit of a bummer when you are ready to go, but they are a one and done. 5 minutes of waiting (enough time to smoke a bowl Jack?), maybe pour yourself some applejuice and take a leak, ect. If it's making you that upset and annoyed then you have bigger problems than firmware/game updates.

My biggest problem with my PS3 is it has handshake issues with my TV which causes the screen to mess up now and again.

Kurt Russell2835d ago

I found the PS3 updates annoying when I first got it (having only played the x360 for the past couple of years) but now I've had it a while it doesn't bother me so much. I tend to just switch tv channel and let it do its shiz nitz whilst I do something else. If you have bought an old game it can take a while to bring it up to date (I think motostorm was the biggest ass hat for this).

It took me a while to come round to the PS3, but there have been some really good single player gems worth patching and playing!

dragunrising2835d ago

Props for saying it how it is.

Anyone that owns both consoles knows there's a disparity between 360 and the PS3 when it comes to speed of downloading and installing firmware updates and patches.

Now that I'm a PSN Plus member its not as bad but its still pretty bad, especially for games you just bought.

Its kind of sad that there are so many people in denial. The PS3 is a great system but its not without its flaws.

NickIni2835d ago

Yeah the firmware and games updates can be a bit of a pain, but I don't mind waiting for a ~10minute download if it's going to add more features to my console or fix bugs in a game. Is it really that difficult to do something else whilst it downloads either?

I find PS3 downloads a hell of a lot quicker than my 360s, and my PS3's connected wireless whilst my Xbox is connected by ethernet. The other day it took me literally 30 minutes to download a 50MB patch for Monday Night Combat on my 360. My internet is pretty quick even at the worst of times, and I've never experienced such a long wait time for such a small download in my whole life, on any system.

divideby02835d ago

"It's frustrating to sit down to play a game maybe smoke a bowl all ripped and ready to play only to be greeted by a long update. Wait for the download. Wait for the install."

this is the most idiotic comment I have read in a long, long time.

psst...if the 2 -5 mins is such a big concern for you...why dont you start your PS3,,, see if there is an update then bone up while its updating, since its such a big deal.

than call DAs cowards... you cant make this stuff up...

next time comment before you bowl up..... this would make a GREAT dont do drugs commercial.. to stupid

NeoBasch2835d ago

You probably did the install and all the updates at the same time.

It only took me 10-15 minutes to install the Move patch (2.0). So maybe it is your internet connection. By the way, I'm wireless and think my connection's slow. I'd hate to see your guys' connection.

kancerkid2834d ago

Entire internet now totally pissed because one guy had problems with his PS3 one night.

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FinalSpartan2835d ago

I agree with this. Seriously takes a long time and can be irritating.

Xbox 360 patches happen in couple of seconds.
PS3 takes hours depending on the size.

fossilfern2835d ago

Though 360 updates seem to conflict with each other. Every time I put GoW2 in and put another game in I have to update both of them each time they go in. I dunno whats up with that

Spydiggity2835d ago

i've noticed that with a few games as well. still though, they happen very quickly. i've never had a 360 game update take longer than a few seconds to download. hell, even the dashboard updates happen in a matter of one or two minutes.

i'm not surprised all the ppl saying ps3 updates take forever are getting tons of disagrees, but it's absolutely true. that's just the sad n4g community for ya. it's as expected and predictable as snow in alaska.

firefoxprime2835d ago

This is the super awesome PS3??
I'm definetely picking up my first this year, but the talk of overbearing patches, expensive/unnecessary dlc, "slightly" nudges me to revaluate my decision.

Bolts2835d ago

I can't remember the last time a PS3 update took hours...well except for MAG, which sometimes only take 20-45 mins.

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Persistantthug2835d ago

Long story short, if you don't keep your PS3 up to date because you play it, like, never....then What do you expect?

The thing that really gets me is, is these same whiners and complainers of this "issue"...they seem to NEVER learn any basic common sense passed them by in grade school.


Ergo, if you fail to keep your PS3 properly updated because you play and use it barely once a month, then SURPRISE, you will be rightfully greeted with Update Messages.

How many times must it take to figure out, you should turn on and update your machine more often.

What a GENIUS this opinion piece blogger must be.

dragon822835d ago

This is what I don't get with these people. Its the same for every electronic device. If you don't use it regularly you will end up having to wait for a large amount of updates when you want to use it. Use your brain people!!!

Just imagine how many windows updates you would have if you only used your computer a couple times a year.

m23452835d ago

well said. i always keep my ps3 updated and i have the fat version.

Spydiggity2835d ago

generally, in order to make a valid argument against someone else's claims, you have to actually pay attention to what they are saying.

@yewles1: learn to contribute to a discussion.

hatchimatchi2835d ago

yea, i guarantee if i turned my 360 on I would be greeted by an update message. Why is that? I haven't played it in probably 6 months or so. Would I be mad at the update? No, I'd let it download and then proceed to play a game.

simple as that.

AceofStaves2835d ago

Some people look for fodder for their 'fanboy cannons' from the strangest places. It makes no sense to regard the PS3 as inferior because it updates. If anything, that's a plus.

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BattleAxe2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I don't really see the issue, so this guy doesn't like updates....... Its not like theres an update everytime you turn your PS3 on. Give me a break, looks like another meaningless article.

I wonder if this guy will come out with an article complaining about having to change discs all the time on the 360.

Dark General2835d ago

This almost happened to me the other day and you know what I did? Went to my internet settings and clicked disabled and played the game in peace without need to download firmware.

hatchimatchi2835d ago

i laugh at how someone could disagree with that. I've done that tons of times. All you have to do is sign out of psn.

egidem2835d ago

I do agree that the PS3 has a couple of problems. I for example hate it when I'm in the middle of a game and I quickly want to send a message or read one, I pull up the XMB and all I see is spinning icons for a little while for them to load...this is only one column.

Scoll to the next and it has to load that one too. and while this is happening, I'm dying in the background. I also hate the time it takes for you to compare trophies to another person. It syncs, then loads the games, then loads the individual trophies for the selected game.

I also hate that when you are in some menus and sub menus, you can't simply exit everything and go back to the game with a simple touch of the PS button. You have to go back a couple of menus. That, plus the icon loading times really slows things down.

But these disadvantages are really small compared to how much joy my PS3 gives me. Tons of games, and more on the way this year absolutely makes me forget all these issues.

insomnium22835d ago

I can agree with this comment for sure. PS3 is NOT perfect but all these "issues" are so small I don't understand how people let them get to them. They must have an easy life for something this small to bother them.

agentace2835d ago

No problem with updates/downloads here, took me 1hr & 20mins to download the DC uni beta(16gb). Any updates i get take seconds. God i love fibre optics :)

ChrisW2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I was going to post something interesting about this topic, but I got lost in all of the retarded and immature banter that's being thrown around. Thus forgetting what I really wanted to say, erased everything, and posted this in an impotent attempt to qualm myself... *SIGH*

Koblec2835d ago

I don't get it. The author is mad because he didn't have enough HD space to install a Heavy Rain update? Sounds like a personal problem.

JsonHenry2835d ago

I have both a PS3 and a 360. My 360 updates are fast. Literally, less than a minute or two. And that is from download to install to ready to play again.

When I download anything off the PSN it takes forever. Took 6 hours to DL FF Tactics, no joke. I have gone through the trouble of setting up a static IP for the PS3, making it DMZ, and went through all of Sony's network trouble shooting tips and NOTHING helps the speed.

Disagree all you want. But it is true.

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Parapraxis2835d ago

Maybe the author should check his port settings.

Bounkass2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Nothing. Just a lack of decent updates.

Edit: Oh, and you don't HAVE to update, just press te "O" button you blind tard.

LiL T2835d ago

"I hadn't realized that there wasn't enough free space on the hard drive"
Maybe he needs to check HD space too.

Blacktric2835d ago

Besides having a "not so good" web browser (which can and I'm sure will be fixed easily). Nothing.

wu-stix2835d ago

Yeah it's little things like the browser which should change once the ps3 gets googletv and hopefully chrome. I thought the article was about the lack of white PS3's in North America. That is my only beef. I have been waiting to upgrade to a slim for the power savings but not until there is a white one available.