Kinect Hacks: Quick-time gestures with Indigo Prophecy

Kinect modder extraordinaire Jack Schofield's latest gesture-based infusion of a gaming classic is so obvious, we're a little upset we didn't think of it first: David Cage's original QTE-filled piece of interactive drama, Indigo Prophecy.

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NYC_Gamer2834d ago

a lot of creative things coming from the PC side of kinect

Bigpappy2834d ago

Pc hacks are just demos of some possible implementation. Any deve;loper interested is using some of these ideas on 360 could easily do so. It is just a lot more practicle to do this on PC rather than 360.

A lot of the stuff that will evetually come to Kinect will blow these hacks out of the water, simply because they will be more talented people working on each project.