Fans Speculate Over Meaning of Marvel Vs Capcom 3's Alt. Colors

DamnLag - "Since we now have a visuals of all the current alternate character colors (sans Haggar and Phoenix) from the game courtesy of Destructoid, people have begun speculation on what specific color schemes are references to other characters.

Hit the jump to see a large picture list of the possible references being made through the alternate colors. The list isn’t complete yet, but hey, it’s never too late to fill in the gaps."

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Mastersnake102837d ago

Oh wow, some of these seem really spot on. Kinda wondering why they didn't catch the Lilith costume Morrigan has, though...

LukeWashingTons2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Before, I thought C. Viper had the worst alternate colors. Now? I'm very pleased. That Adrian Andrews reference is awesome.

Myst2837d ago

Lol the dante rule 63 never thought I'd hear/read something like that here.

Still hoping for different costume packs similar to SSFIV, just hate how we can't buy JUST the ones we want.

LukeWashingTons2837d ago

Every male/female character has a female/male counterpart.

RockmanII72837d ago

It's usually affiliated with pr0nz :/

xino2837d ago

GREAT article!
well done!

*We said we want X playable not a farking costume swap!
*the Chun Li SFA3 alt looks damn good, i never knew she had that cool colour
*DeadPool's Weapon X looks better in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
*Same goes to Beta Ray Bill
*I'm surprised there's no Captain Commando alt, or maybe for another charactr

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

DaBadGuy2837d ago

That Humberto Ramos Spider-Man suit just debuted two issues ago.

Way to keep it up to date Capcom.