GameZone: What We’d Like To See In GTA V

Rumors about the inevitable fifth chapter have been scarce, but GameZone's Mike Rougeau talks about what he'd like to see in GTA V.

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RogueCheddar2831d ago

This was a fun one to write.

blumatt2831d ago

I want everything they left out that used to be in GTA games. Everything that GTA San Andreas had that wasn't in GTA 4.

RogueCheddar2831d ago

I totally agree with that. I get why they left stuff out of 4 but it's time to bring it back.

blumatt2830d ago

I don't "get why they left it out" at all. lol There's no excuse for not having all the stuff that made GTA, well...GTA. All the fun stuff just wasn't in 4 and that's why I kept it for only a short time.

realiks2831d ago

we want gta set in europe this time.

RogueCheddar2831d ago

How could people disagree with this?

realiks2830d ago

because they were americans

nickjkl2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII proved what happens when an established franchise gets too caught up in its own mythos to allow players to shape the world around them

i didnt know final fantasy let you change the plot even some what while playing

also while gta4 map might of been smaller it was also more detailed and utilized space better

and read dead redemption is the sequel to red dead revolver another western game which came out on ps2 and xbox much like how san andreas based on California and the surrounding states was on xbox and ps2

other than those 3 things good read

thebudgetgamer2831d ago

i personally would be willing too losd detail for the exploration aspects of san andreas.

nickjkl2831d ago

no i wasnt talking about graphics im talking about as in buildings scenery etc

if you played san andreas now the citys are smaller and you have this giant country side and highway system of baron land

thats what i got when i played gta san andreas and tried to drive from los santos to san sierro a really long boring drive

kramun2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I picture nickjkl as someone bashing their head against rubber walls for some reason. He (It?) seems the type.


I would just like a mix of GTA 4 and San Andreas, thank you please. Some realism, but with the same amount of content we had with SA.


A gaslight or prohibition era GTA would be interesting.
Running booze,lots of seedy locations/characters.I'm personally a little tired of the modern era crime story.I'm sure not everyone feels as I do but its all good.

Mista T2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I want one in the early 70s. I think that'd be cool

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The story is too old to be commented.