Homefront Xbox 360 TV Commercial

Gamertag Radio writes: "Homefront TV Commercial ad for Xbox 360."

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lugia 40002837d ago

Looks like homefront is more interested on the 360 than anything else.

RSPproductionz2837d ago

it looks crap, call of duty rip off

SixZeroFour2836d ago

there are basically 2 types of shooters, the run and gun and the kind that actually use team work

call of duty falls under run and gun and battlefield falls under team work, and i would assume that this is closer to battlefield than it is to cod

not every fps is a "call of duty rip off" ESPECIALLY since cod wasnt the first fps around

S_C2835d ago

How Can You Say It Looks Crap When You Havent Even Seen The Final Build Of The Game?

RSPproductionz2835d ago

by typing the words "it looks crap" LOOK I JUST DID IT AGAIN

Retro_Zombie2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It looks like they have a special arrangement with MS.... nothing more.

If you're a game developer the only thing that you're interested in is selling your wares to as many people and platforms possible. This special preference that you're talking about only exists in your little mind.

This is one of the few things the box has to look forward to in 2011 so enjoy it.

creeping judas2837d ago

Damn the game is looking good, with a decent story behind it!! Hope it lives up to the hype!!

LunaticBrandon2837d ago

This is going to end up pissing someone off.

Ducky2837d ago

Is this new?

I saw something similar a while ago... and I remember thinking that the body at 0:13 doesn't fall realistically.

Shackdaddy8362837d ago

Its not new. IDK why it passed through.

Mista T2837d ago

I'd play this for the story, it doesn't seem so far fetched either if you've been paying attention to the news.

Shackdaddy8362837d ago

Ya. The story seems really good. It was written by the same guy who made apocalypse now.

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