Mass Effect 2 on PS3 cause for celebration

They say good things come to those who wait, but of course that's a load of bull. If you sit on the side of life's highway, good things won't come to you; they'll drive by in their shiny Lamborghinis, honking and flipping you the bird as they speed out of sight.

But once in a while, patience is rewarded with something exceptional. So it is with the action-heavy sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 2, making its long-awaited debut on Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

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Muffins12232836d ago ShowReplies(11)
KILLERAPP2836d ago

Awesome game will play it again on my PS3…

DualConsoleOwner2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

but there are so many other amazing games coming out this year on PS3. lol. my wallet is going to be broke.

i guess thats a disadvantage of owning a PS3. cause if i only owned xbox my wallet would be full.

Lord_Ranos2836d ago

Dude you have no idea how right you are =)

jeseth2835d ago

I'm also excited for Mass Effect 2 coming out on PS3 this week.

The only problem I'm having is to buy it now or buy it later when it comes down in price and probably with more DLC, circa Dragon Age ....

I'm a sucker and will probably buy it Tuesday.

the_best_player2835d ago

I've played better games on PS3 maybe thats why the demo was meh to me.

jeseth2835d ago

C'mon man. Mass Effect is more about the story and the universe in which it exists in.

If you don't love Mass Effect then I'd say your just not a big RPG fan.

the_best_player2835d ago

I've put 100 hours into fallout new vegas :)
and even more into fallout 3

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acky12836d ago

another game of the year candidate with this version exclusive to the ps3! wowza wowza sonyz on a wrolly pwolly.
Sony 'til I die

olLANDSHARKlo2836d ago

Got ME and ME2 on 360, I want the whole trilogy, not half. Now if they bring ME to PS3, I will change it over to PS3.

FAGOL2836d ago

I don't think they can. ME1 was exclusive to 360 and PC unfortunately.

ShinMaster2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'm a PS3 owner and I did in fact play ME1 and ME2.

You guys make it sound like PS3 gamers don't have access to PCs and that 360 and PCs count as one for some reason, so it's automatically 360 exclusive LMAO.

Anyways, I'll be playing this 360 ex-timed-fake "exclusive" franchise on my PS3 because it runs games smoother than my PC.

FAGOL2836d ago


I have a PC but it's very old. (AGP graphics card old). I doubt the majority of people out there have a good gaming rig and a PS3. If they do then well done.

ShinMaster2836d ago

Well not thinking that they can was the wrong choice words.

They/we indeed can. That is all I'm stating.

darren_poolies2836d ago

Actually it wouldn't be half of the trilogy it would be 2/3. Also I don't really care as I own both ME and ME2 on the 360 and will buy ME2 again for PS3. People are just so petty, imagine of Uncharted 2 came to the 360, would you be saying that you wouldn't play it because you haven't played the first? I think not.

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The story is too old to be commented.