Mario Turned My Daughter Into a Gamer

"When most parents think about the proud moments in their childrens’ lives, they bring up things like straight A’s on report cards or scoring the winning touchdown for the state championship. While these things are important to me as well, my proud moment came from a moment that seems so insignificant to most parents but made me well up with pride. What was it that I heard that made me so proud, you ask? It was four simple words: “Daddy I did it.”" - Jatosin

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kesvalk2832d ago

why this have no comments while the all that flamebait articles have 200+?

stupid gamers!

Samus HD2831d ago

mario one of the best games ....!!!
sorry the best game
who could not like mario???:O

Skyliner122832d ago

This is a really sweet write-up. Reminds me of when I was younger and has a nice little glimmer of hope for future gamers. Stick with it, kiddo!

Honky Kong2832d ago

Nintendo sh1ts all over sony and microsoft.

MidnytRain2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

That's a nice, family-friendly representation of Nintendo right there.

eagle212832d ago

join the club...he turned me into a gamer as well back in da 80's :)

ChaingunPope2832d ago

When I have kids, I'm sure I'll be pretty happy when they pick up their daddy's hobby :)

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