Nintendo running thin on franchises to put on the Wii discusses the future of Wii software in relation to Nintendo's traditional franchises.

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Urmomlol2929d ago

Why do you think there's like no games coming out for the Wii but they're releasing the N3Ds this year.

C'mon. Little common sense here.

Optical_Matrix2929d ago

They've had plenty of time to create new franchises. And they have the money too. But Nintendo lacks creativity these days. They're not what they once were.

ChickeyCantor2929d ago

Why is that when some company is in bizz over 20 years, suddenly considered "less creative these days".

Enlighten us on how they were in the past? Considering that they used most franchises back then as well.

Third parties had plenty of time to show their creativity, Nintendo gives them this time. And yet there are only few who are able to give a good collection of games.

If Nintendo is less creative these days, so are third parties then.

And there are new IP's, how about you look further than the mario/zelda

theonlylolking2929d ago

Only super mario galaxy 1 and metroid other M are new and creative. All the other games they have is just the same thing over and over again just like pokemon on the portable nintendo consoles have been for ages. They will release the 3ds but there wont be really anything new. It will be the same games we ahve been playing for more than a decade. Its like activision having there own console and keep releasing the same stuff over and over again. Like guitar hero, call of duty, blur, and the apache game and decades go by yet people will still buy it.

Mac is OK2929d ago

I think after Zelda and Rhythm Heaven they're done with the Wii. I wouldn't be surprised if they released the Wii 2 at the end of this year.

Seferoth752929d ago

Yes NIntendo is completely done... LOL kids today.

Just because they didnt have to delay most of their games like Sony did hardly means they have nothing left but you fanboys live in your on little world. One where being last place makes you first and having record sales means you are doomed

PlayerX2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I remember people on N4G a few weeks ago saying Nintendo should just make portables. This is why fanboys are not in business.

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