Previously Untitled Cartoon Network Game Will Be Called Cartoon Network Rumble

Back in October of last year we posted an article about a game being developed by Crave Games that was at the time unnamed but would feature several Cartoon Network characters, we now know not only what that game is but tons of details about it. We now have on good authority that the game will be called Cartoon Network Rumble and will in fact be coming to the Nintendo 3DS as a timed exclusive launch title releasing sometime in the Spring, followed sometime after that with the console versions for the PS3 and 360. The premise of the game is that some kind of weird forces are at work causing the worlds of the 11 most popular Cartoon Networks shows to collide. From their all you know what breaks loose and now you must battle against some Cartoon Network's most prolific characters.

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Kran2831d ago

Ahhhh Cartoon Network. The best kids channel that there ever was. Then Toonami was made. Ahhhhh they were the best.... THEN YOU CANCELLED TOONAMI AND TURNED CARTOON NETWORK TO CRAP! HOW COULD YOU?!

Lamarthedancer2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Agreed Cartoon Network is crap now. I thought it was because I was getting older but the shows are just really dumbed down for kids ALOT more then they used to be.

Couldn't beat good old Frekazoid though...I miss that guy, although Ed, Edd and Eddy filled the void. :)

But I see Ed, Edd and Eddy wern't even mentioned in the article.....but they have Ben 10 ¬¬

velocitygamer2830d ago

I miss these shows:

Dexters Laboratory
Cramp Twins
Courage the Cowardly dog
Powerpuff Girls
Ed Edd N' Eddy

Ahh...the good ol days. Fuck the new shows...I'm talking about you Chowder.

Elimin82830d ago

Hey velocitygamer.. I agree with you but I like chowder... Cartoon Network did go sour though.......

Spitfire_Riggz2830d ago


Tom and Jerry??

Jezuz2830d ago

wtf no one remembers johhny bravo?

Urameshi2830d ago

<3 me some Samurai Jack

firefoxprime2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Two Points.

1. Its true that CN is not what it used to be. "That" is clearly THE understatement. Good Shows like PPG,Dexter,JohnnyBravo,Courage ...even Captain Planet(haha.) The list goes on. Between 2004-2009 Cartoon Network was utter garbage. 1st strike was moving Toonami to Saturdays, to please all those soccer moms; who complained the shows were to violent on the weekdays...(just switch the channel stupid lady!!)

The addition of live action shows did NOT help at all. Out of Jimmy's head? Trash. CNReal? Rubish. All those CN reality shows needed to be nuked. Seriously. Unnatural History was "meh". Tower Prep was pretty cool, but only because the entire series was made by Paul Dini.

But something is happening.
New breath is flowing through CN, slowly but it is. Just look at the shows premiering this year.


Also more comedy on the way.

2. They bringing back old shows like KND and Dexter's Lab, as well as Courage and PPG. Finally the network is a bit more diverse than 3 years ago.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

What happened to CN man? the 90's and early 00's were great but then it just went down hill, and when they removed Toonami back in 04 they lost about 80% of their fanbase.

@Robsonmonkey: Ed, Edd & Eddy was one of my favourite cartoons back then. Anyway I've recently heard about a Samurai Jack movie that's currently in production, since the series never really got a proper finish this movie is going to end the series properly.

It's going to be a Cartoon movie.

Kran2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexter's Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Cramp Twins and others! <3

And yes, Cartoon Network used to get about over a million viewers here in the UK back when I was a kid. Since it turned crap and Toonami was cancelled, the channel only gets about 300,000 daily hits.

Elimin82830d ago

They show a bunch of disney jr jr shows and rarely show CARTOONS. That's what happened... Oh and play a shit load of reruns... Love Venture Bro's though...

NoobSessions2830d ago

Waitwaitwait, so what Im understanding, the concept is like Super Smash Bros. right?

Anyways, if they incorporate Toonami into it, Kame-hame-ha'ing all the new show characters anyone?

DrRichtofen2830d ago

Oh my god you are so right. The first time I saw flap jack, adventure time and chowder etc. I felt like I lost a few brain cells. Cartoon Network is such crap now, the only time I ever go on there is to watch adult swim.

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Zydake2831d ago

I miss the old days of DBZ

Shackdaddy8362831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I just turned to CN cus of your guys' comments and your all right. It's crapola now. If I ever have a kid I'm just going to buy dvds of the old shows.

WTF ever happened to looney toons and scooby doo?

thatruth20062831d ago

Agreed it went downhill. CN got popular bringing back the classics and pushing the limits with their new stuff like Dexter's Labratory and stuff like that. Now they hardly ever play any of the old stuff that I used to love so much, I mean what happened to the Thundercats, Captain Planet, DBZ, the original Transformers even?

thebudgetgamer2831d ago

i'm only interested if i can play as dr steve brule

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