Bulletstorm: No PC Demo

Epic confirmed that currently there are no plans to make available a playable demo of its Bulletstorm on PC.

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Kran2836d ago

Peeps aint gonna be happy with that.

AndrewRyan2836d ago

Meh. I could care less, it just means less sales for them.


well said mate. why not give pc players a demo, have they got something to hide?....

Inside_out2836d ago

It's pretty simple really, People can Fly, the devs on this title are in fact PC devs. They were responsible for Gears 1 on PC and that is how Epic became involved with People can Fly. They are a very talented group of people and have actually added alot to the already solid Unreal game engine.

IMO...they don't want the high end specs of the PC version to take away from the awesome console version.

Looking forward to playing the demo...what so called hardcore gamer only games on PC

despair2836d ago

@cez of rage

but why not give PC gamers a chance to try it out, its the equivalent of saying PC gamers don't matter to them and the fact that it comes from a company with its roots in PC is even more shameful.

Its offensive to me that PC gamers, whether they be "hardcore gamers" or not deserve the same consideration as the console gamers.

This is one game I am interested in but I know that I would not be sure unless I played it first hand, the PS3 demo will be fine but I would have rather played the PC version as if I decide to get the game that is the one I will go for.

evrfighter2836d ago

If pc gamers are interested in this title. They will try before they buy through other means. This time around I won't be tryin it simply because it doesn't appeal to me.

gillri2834d ago

you mean 'couldnt care less'?

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jy_mrnd2836d ago

Getting this game day one.Hope it's on steam though.

AndrewRyan2836d ago

it's confirmed to be on steam.

WetN00dle692836d ago

Well not really there will be a specific few that will "borrow" the title from certain places to try it out before buying. Thats an alternative, a bad one but hey there is nothing we can do about it. I for one will be getting BS for my 360 along side of KZ3. Cant wait!

Charmers2836d ago

Ah that is ok I have no plans to buy Bulletstorm. Epic are so out of touch with the PC community that I do not expect much from anything they produce on the PC. I will ensure my money goes to developers that actually WORK for it on the PC.

edoman202836d ago

Well ill get the "extended demo" and see if this POS will be worth getting

snaileri2836d ago

So they are forcing me to pirate the game so I can check how well the game runs on my rig.

Kran2836d ago

Its people like you that games that deserve sequels are never made.
Thats if you really are a pirater.

dark3552836d ago

Not really if he ends up buying the software. If anything, a demo should be on the pc first to ensure that everyone can run the game properly before actually purchasing it.

LunaticBrandon2836d ago

Its a big risk to just buy a game without trying it first. Especially if it turns out you can't run the game.

kramun2836d ago

This will make people need to pirate it Kran. A demo gives people a chance to see how it will run, if they don't offer a demo some people will have to take a gamble when they buy it if they can't try it out.

There's no reason why they couldn't make a demo for pc, it's either lazyness or they just don't give a toss. Maybe a bit of both. Either way it won't do them any favours with pc gamers.

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