Year of the Handheld?

It has taken a while for gaming to crawl from the primordial 8-bit slime to today's shiny state of affairs. We can safely predict that this year, handheld gaming will be the biggest story of 2011 as new hardware is introduced, dwarfing the audience of home consoles. Let's take a look at the most obvious:

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MariaHelFutura2832d ago

If were talking sales, it`s been the "year of the DS" for years.

HolyOrangeCows2831d ago

And if we are talking about games, I don't think so....

"PlayStation Portable Successor a.k.a PSP 2"
WRONG. The Phone isn't even under the Playstation brand (Sony Erickson Xperia) and it's already said that it isn't the PSP successor.
Check your sources next time.

NoobSessions2831d ago

Pokemon Black/White is really the only handheld game on my 2010 list when compared to all the console games I needa buy.

PlayerX2831d ago

With the 3DS coming out yes.

nevin12831d ago

not only this yr but it has a better future than consoles.. I have 2 reasons to back me up.

1. PS1 games $39.99. PS2 $49.99. PS3 $59.99. If the trend continues, will gamers pay $69.99 for PS4 games?

2. The install base of portable devices will continue to grow.