ESRB reveals rating summary for mature-rated Fight Night Champion

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released a rating summary for Fight Night Champion, which is the first ever mature-rated game from EA Sports.

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and you wife and yo huzzband

Quagmire2836d ago

Coz the fightin' errybody out therr

hamburger1232837d ago

Can not wait loved all the fight night games.

clarkjudo2837d ago

"Ring card girls are depicted in tight clothing or bikinis, and the camera occasionally lingers on their chest or buttocks; players can also choose tattoos for their character—a handful depict women in revealing outfits. The words "f**k," "a*s," and "sh*t" can be heard in the dialogue."

This may hurt sales by not catering to all gamers. Now that this game is focusing on 18+ players only. The thing that may secure or help increase the sales is offering a optional reduced graphic content filter. Those who are under age will have to get a fake ID or find a older sibling or other relative, and possibly a older (18) friend to purchase it. Behind the backs of their parents I might add.

Personally, I think these are unnecessary desperate measures to hype up the game. I guess a person could not play the Champion Story Mode (with unnecessary dialogue). Just to reduce the M rated experience of this game. Seems unfortunate, who wants to pay full price for half of a game package?