Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Has a Watch Mode

Andriasang: Retailer listing reveals a few exciting new features.

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Eamon2929d ago

That's pretty cool. I have Cloud on Level 90+. Importing that would be pretty nice.

FinalSpartan2929d ago

Hmmm all my characters are lv99 and maxed out stats and all the items. That would be nice to carry over lol Yes cheated with cwcheat. ;) haha

Vherostar2929d ago

They should port it to PS3.. I mean it would sell like HOTCAKES.

Goeres2929d ago

Extremely hyped for the new Dissidia. Was my personal GOTY 09, and clocked in around 200h on my main save. The joy when you finally beat inward chaos is amazing :-)

Ps. God bless the ps3 feature ad-hoc! Dissidia online rules..

2929d ago
Skullomania2929d ago

Chaos in Inward Chaos was definitely a nightmare to me. I was able to beat it using WOL but it was really really frustating and it took me hours and hours retrying.

Skullomania2929d ago

I hope the game gives you an option to transfer ALL the items you've obtained on the first Dissidia game, i just don't want to spend more hours waiting for the item i want to be dropped. Just an option and i'm happy with it.