Developers Fleecing Consumers, Why We Have The Shortest End Of The Stick

It used to be when I bought my games, there was no difference between them new or used except that I saved at least $10 dollars. I had a guarantee I could play as long as I wanted to, whenever I wanted to...

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Led-Zeppelin2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

You can automatically tell when developers/Publishers are purposefully ripping you off; When they announce or even have trailers for DLC packs before the game is even released (Dragon age: Origins/Fallout: New Vegas).

The_KELRaTH2836d ago

It's important to distinguish between devs and publishers;

Devs are the creative bods that provide the software.

Publishers are the financial institution who don't create anything rather find ever new ways to make more and more money out of as little as possible and then pay themselves huge bonuses for being so cleverly greedy.