The PlayStation 3 is still ahead of the Xbox 360 in France

French site Le Monde has reported the overall sales numbers for consoles in France, while also revealing some outstanding PS3 game sales figures for all of Europe, which sees games on the console outsell those on Xbox 360 2:1.

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Grenadan2831d ago

Le Monde has reported the overall sales numbers for consoles in France

ManGastaS2831d ago

Hahahahah damage controll :)

ChristianGamer2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Actually it is the whole of Europe, read it again. However it is not 2:1 it is actually 1.7:1 or 8:4.7

ConanOBrien2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

So now Europe means world?

Here comes the 'No, but' comments...

FailOverHero2831d ago

Where in the world did GT5 sell 5.5 million if it sold 800k in the US and the WHOLE of Europe only bought 8 million PS3 games the entire year?
5.5m - 800k= 4.7m.
So they want us to believe that other ps3 games sold a total of 3.3 million the whole year? Ha ha ha, come on! Something is suspect here. Either gt5 didn't sell 5.5 million or Europe is a very small market

ravinash2831d ago

No Europe is not the world.

But it does balance what some people keep going on about how much of a lead 360 has because of America.

Sitris2831d ago


What you are saying is true to this article, but those software sales are for France only i believe, as Cod, FIFA and other franchises sell many millions across Europe. Therefor it is easy to see that those figures are falsely being said to be whole of Europe, when the data is from a french site, it clearly must be the french data.

snp2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Actually it is the whole of Europe, read it again. However it is not 2:1 it is actually 1.7:1 or 8:4.7

Yeah, but it's also pretty obviously an error in translation/wording to anyone capable of critical thought.

I mean, try and extend your critical thinking. The article says each PS3 console owner bought 2.8 games on average... The PS3 has sold a couple of dozen million consoles in Europe, give or take. It doesn't exactly follow that 'a couple of dozen million x's 2.8 softward sold to each PS3 owner = 8 million software units sold', does it?

Pretty obviously the '8 million' was just France - where 8 million divide 2.8 attach rate would make sense as console install base - with the wording wrongly putting 'Europe' there.

What's funny though is that trolls acknowledge this doesn't make a lot of sense, but have an intellectual block preventing them from logical deduction (ie. 'Europe' was written as France inadvertantly).

Anything to make is so GT5 numbers are a conspiracy, or the each US customer is worth 174.56 non-US customer.

2831d ago
Shadow Flare2831d ago

@Conan O'Brian

"So now Europe means world?

Here comes the 'No, but' comments..."

No, but if you look at the 2 highest selling consoles of all time, the PS2 and the DS, both of them have sold more in europe then in america. Which suggests it's the more important market.

It kind of explains how even though the 360 has a hold of the American market, the ps3 has still been able to continuously close the gap in sales on the 360.

ct032831d ago

Let's do some math with the numbers from the article:

--> 3 million PS3 consoles sold in France lifetime.
--> Attach rate of 2.8 games per console in 2010.
--> 3 million times 2.8 equals 8.4 million games sold in FRANCE in 2010
--> 8 million games total sold in "all of EUROPE" in 2010. Uh, what?

Dee_912830d ago

ONLY North America Matters :/

Shepherd 2142830d ago

Since when did anyone give a damn about France?

im absolutely sure that games dont sell near as well in France as they do in the US or Japan.

"Herp derp but plenty of people went to see 'Meet the Spartans' in Thailand! It doesnt matter if people hated it in the US!"

gaffyh2830d ago

@ConanOBrien - You give Conan a bad name, please leave N4G forever.

Thank you.

Aloren2830d ago

@Shepherd 214 Japan and the US sell more games than France ? no kidding....

Still, France is not as insignificant as you think, the video game industry represented 4 billion euros in 2010...
And here's a chart, maybe a little outdated, but it still gives a good idea of the size of different markets:

y0haN2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


I think damage control is people who approve articles that are entitled "The PlayStation 3 is still ahead of the Xbox 360 in France".

Grasping at straws, a bit.

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wenaldy2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Europe consist of 56 countries...


You disagreed for a fact??? lulz....

Aggesan2831d ago

According to wikipedia Europe has 50 countries. Just saying, I'm no geografy expert though.

wenaldy2831d ago


Including 6 self-proclaimed independence countries...

and no, I'm not an expert of geography just sayin'...

plenty a tool2831d ago

amd america has 50 states...

both regions are important for the platform holders

FailOverHero2831d ago

Confirmed. Fake!! PS3 has a total of 22 Million sold in Europe. You mean to tell me that the whole year those 22 million people bought only 8 million ps3 games between them? FAKE! Fake fake fake fake!! So ps3 does NOT outsell x360 games 2:1 in Europe...just France. Prove me wrong

snp2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I agree. But i'm not sure why you're screaming 'FAKE'. It's not so much FAKE as the article merely miss wrote 'Europe' in one spot where it should have said 'France'.

I also agree, this article therefore doesn't prove attach rates outside France, but to date France has been pretty representative of most of Europe for the PS3. Some places, such as Germany are even more myopically pro-PS3. I think you'll be winging and prayering it hoping France represents some sort of aberration in PS3 v 360 software fortunes in Europe.

I mean, in the same way US has been a strong hold for the 360 for those playing the two off against each other, we've had scores of companies (EA, Ubisoft) reporting upswings in their fortunes directly tied to PS3 Europe software. Did you think they were making it up? Something to do while not picking their nose? The PS3 brand pretty obviously does very well in Europe.

MrBeatdown2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Wow, you finally got around to doing some basic math after spewing out nonsense such as...

"Either gt5 didn't sell 5.5 million or Europe is a very small market."

You really don't need much of a brain to figure it out. Basic math time kiddies...

822,000 PS3s sold in France in 2010

Multiply by 4 years for a very rough estimate of how many PS3s have sold in France since launch. That's 3,288,000 PS3s sold in France. Adjusting it to something more like 3.5 would be more accurate since the PS3 had a slow start and didn't sell as well in 2007 as it did in 2010. That gives you 2,877,000 PS3s sold in France. Still a rough estimate, but close enough considering the original article says "nearly 3 million".

8,000,000 PS3 games were sold in France in 2010. Divide by total PS3s sold over 4 years. That's roughly 2.8 games per console just like the article states.

So, obviously, 8 million games sold in FRANCE in 2010, not all of Europe. Even the original French article makes this clear if you run it through Google Translate.

We now return you to the trolls' and fanboys' regularly scheduled moronic ramblings...

EDIT: Hilarious... someone disagrees with basic math.

Killzoned2831d ago

Your retardedded did you not hear what ct03 said?

"Let's do some math with the numbers from the article:

--> 3 million PS3 consoles sold in France lifetime.
--> Attach rate of 2.8 games per console in 2010.
--> 3 million times 2.8 equals 8.4 million games sold in FRANCE in 2010
--> 8 million games total sold in "all of EUROPE" in 2010. Uh, what?"

FailOverHero You FailOverMath

r1sh122831d ago

who ever submitted the story clearly wanted to start a flame war...
France is not the whole of Europe..

ct032831d ago

The people disagreeing think that 8 million game sales for all of Europe make sense.

With about 22 million PS3 consoles in European households, that would give a per-console attach rate of 0.36 games. Every third PS3 owner bought one game in 2010. Does not compute.

m23452831d ago

lol, no it's not. like i've been sayin', the ps3 does well worldwide.

multips3fan2830d ago

huh i see ..europe actually does research before buying a console. with so many exclusives n multiplats ps3 will be getting sometimes i wonder if the ppl that buy 360s smoke crack

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wotta2831d ago

No you are reading it wrong, read the whole story as they also mention the figures of game sales in all of Europe.

FailOverHero2831d ago

Loooooool Europe sales = lame. If the WHOLE of Europe only sold 12.7 million ps3 and x360 games in total(8 mil ps3, 4.7 mil 360) the ENTIRE YEAR then NPD region truly is the world. Black Ops has sold more games worldwide than the sum of all 360 and ps3 games in the ENTIRE europe region in a year and it has been out only a couple of months

Alpha_Gamer2831d ago


Go back to trolling your precious NPD article. Us logical people enjoy discussing overall and worldwide sales, not just a fraction of the pie that fits your arguments, much like 360 fanboys love to do.

PS3pwnsyou2831d ago

"Black Ops has sold more games worldwide than the sum of all 360 and ps3 games in the ENTIRE europe region in a year and it has been out only a couple of months"

From which galaxy is this "Europe" world you are talking about? You understand that Black Ops having this numbers worldwide is largely thanks to Europe rite?

FailOverHero2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

From NPD, "The best-selling game for the month
of December, and for the year, was
Call of Duty: Black Ops. It sold more
than 12 million units across all

I understand that Europe had a hand in the black ops numbers, but since people claim Europe is the home of gt5 sales it is starting to be just a bit confusing. Bear with me here.
Total Black Ops sales on ps3 and 360 = 17 million.
Total gt5 sales = 5.5 million
Total ps3 and 360 fifa 11 sales = ?million
Total ps3 and 360 software combined, EVERY SINGLE GAME TITLE, in europe = 12.7 what??
The total of ALL games sold in Europe in the whole of 2010 is less than the total of a single game released 4 months ago.
Does nobody else find this ridiculous?? Forget the whole 360 vs ps3 fight, lets just use some logic here and admit that Europe game sales are pretty lame if these are indeed Europe numbers and not just France. Just saying maybe you guys should do a bit of thinking before you start celebrating

sayonara892831d ago

You're so stupid and so funny at the same time.

snp2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I agree with you FailOverHero, the 8 million number is just France. However you'd make a better case if you 'just' stated that number doesn't make sense - hell, if you point out that it _can't_ make sense as being Europe totals with other information given in article (eg. 2.8 attach rate (presuming it's about same everywhere for Europe) and PS3 hardware numbers in Europe being ~20 million means a total Europe software sales of something probably closer to 45-50 million 2010).

Trouble is you're _so_ fanatical that you run around screaming about GT5's number being a conspiracy and Europe being a nothing etc (in the hypothetical that 8 was Europe) to the point that people don't want to listen to what is actually a sound point.

Which is strange, because i think you do recognise the 8 million is just one territory of Europe, so there's nothing to be gained with all the tangential ranting - but guess you can't help but indulge in and scream the fantasy bit (EUROPE IS NOTHING!! GT5 NUMBERS ARE A LIE!) even if it's at expense of the logic bit.

insomnium22831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

It is ridiculous failover that you don't see the obvious fail in the translation and are beating you chest about it. This is truly a monumental fail for you. I cannot stop laughing.

@snp above


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MrBeatdown2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

You know what Kevin Butler says don't you? "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."

Because it's wrong.

Run the original French article which that article uses as a source through Google Translate.

3 million PS3s have sold in France. 8 million games this year. That's 2.8 games sold per console this year.

The article N4G linked to is wrong. Plain and simple.

Here's the original CORRECT source...

greatjimbo782831d ago

It would also seem from that article, that they are not counting the UK as well. Damn French, 25 years and they still can't accept us.

gijsbrecht2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

So we are not only using it for Blurays after all. Europeans do love the PS3 for gaming. I know I do. On a side note; I am really curious what kind of games all these Kinect buyers are playing. Or are they just using it for the interface part. It boggles the mind, really.

2831d ago
Baba19062831d ago

well i guess its the sports and the dance game. the dance game is pretty fun for a while i think =D. i wouldnt buy a kinect just for that game though.

nix2831d ago

one woman in my office was really impressed with Kinect n how much she played in one day. so i told her the fun won't last long because there's only so much that can happen. i told her that instead of blue ball u'll get green balls... that's all.

i was telling her from my own Move Sports game experience. i played it for two weeks n i stopped. that is why i prefer proper games with stories.

ironhammers2831d ago

An average of 2 games each bought in 2010 for 360 players -- I can't imagine going a whole year only playing 2 games! That would be hell on Earth! :p

Baba19062831d ago

same here. 2 games is really not much, i would have missed out on so much last year. but i guess buyed games doesnt mean that they only played 2 games. there are other ways to get games like buying or exchanging used games and such.

ironhammers2830d ago

Good point, I didn't even consider how much people use things like Gamefly/LoveFilm etc. these days!

Hellas132831d ago

There are people in europe who buy pro and/or fifa and thats it.

Baba19062829d ago

yeah thats also true, i have to brothers that only have fifa and maybe 1 or 2 games more.

Masterchef20072831d ago

I wonder if GT5 had an influence in those sales?

Alpha_Gamer2831d ago

Europe is GT5`s strongest territory by far. I`m sure GT had a pretty hefty influence.

Masterchef20072831d ago

yep it sure does. Despite what people claimed that it wasnt going to sell because of the reviews