The Nintendo 3DS and Historical Handheld Pricing


The Nintendo 3DS features a glassesless 3D LCD, a 3D camera, a faster processor, and the touch screen that made the DS what it is. All the new technology the 3DS is sporting certainly comes with substantial costs. While Nintendo has yet to set a price for the rest of the world, we do know that the company plans on selling the handheld in Japan for 25,000 yen. Using current exchange rates, that would put the 3DS at roughly $300, although current expectations point to a lower price regardless of currency differences. It would be safe to say that the console will be north of $200 and south of $300, with $250 being a nice middle ground.

Taking a trip down memory lane with Nintendo's previous handhelds we see one basic trend.

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SonyNGP2837d ago

I really don't know why people actually think it's gonna cost $300.