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"It's all the rage in the film industry: Take a prominent series of comic books (ahem, "graphic novels"), and give it a gritty reboot. Then, watch the money come pouring in.

Well, DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment see no reason this formula couldn't work for MMOs, too. The scary thing is that they may be right: Judging by its early hours, DC Universe Online is the best MMO to debut since World of Warcraft, and many gamers will like it even better than that king of online RPGs. Its only major problem is that its player-vs.-player modes rely too much on button-mashing."

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Led-Zeppelin2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

*Sigh of relief* I was hoping this game was not a flop. May get it next week.

Si-Fly2832d ago

Errr, don't think one good review means the game isn't a flop! The game is great fun though, it'll only be a success if everyone keeps playing after 6 months though, time will tell ....

StbI9902832d ago

Another ps3 AAA for the year xD

Si-Fly2832d ago

Comments like that give PS3 owners a bad name, we don't need to rub it in 360 owners faces.

StbI9902832d ago

Who says im rubbing that to anyone?...guess you are one of these who do so, xD, Im just stating the true mate.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2832d ago

i think he/she was being sarcastic

Si-Fly2832d ago

Check my posts, I have both consoles hence I don't feel the need to join in with the 15yr old fanboys flame baiting.

Ryudo2832d ago


"Check my posts, I have both consoles hence I don't feel the need to join in with the 15yr old fanboys flame baiting."

Ermmm you just did...

nickjkl2832d ago

What is this a MMo thats released with favorable reviews thats unheard of

VictimOfHypocrisy2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"Check my posts, I have both consoles hence I don't feel the need to join in with the 15yr old fanboys flame baiting."

Then why are you letting what Stbl990 wrote bother you enough to respond to him if you are so mature and don't get into flamebaiting nonsense?

Oh and please give the whole I own yadda yadda so that instantly equates me to being an impartial voice. Just stop. I own nearly every console ever made in history but it doesn't mean I don't prefer one (or some) over the others.

How can any one person give a whole group of people a bad name? Does it even matter here on N4G where the lines are already drawn in the sand? You are on either one side of that line or the other according to most of the people that frequent here.

I don't see one thing wrong with what Stbl990 wrote whether he was joking or being serious. The only people it would bother are those that need to go outside and find the sun instead of living behind a monitor arguing over a hobby most of them don't even take part in the first place.

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VictimOfHypocrisy2832d ago

Man I really want to get this game but MMO's suck you in and take up too much of your life. There are so many games coming out this year I want to play and if I was to get this one and enjoyed it, I might pass on other titles.

Si-Fly2832d ago

Id never played an mmo before trying the beta for this but it really is fun. And its not as if you have to pay for a year or anything so I think of it as a title I can dip in and out of in the gloomy lulls between decent games, you should try it.

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Baba19062832d ago

if it wouldnt cost 20 sFr. a month i would i get, but i just cant afford it at the moment. maybe later.

xryls2832d ago

I have feeling that this game will have a mix reviews

Jezuz2832d ago

what do you mean? 4.4 isn't enough?

Masterchef20072832d ago

this game sounds great i might have to try it out but i am a bit worried about my internet connection.

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