Yakuza Of The End videos confirm celebrities, drama, guns

In case you were thinking that Sega's zombie-themed Yakuza game, Yakuza Of The End, was some cheap cash-in on the already-moldering zombie-game trend, you'd be wrong. It's certainly a cash-in, but they're going all out, if these two new trailers are any indication.

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christheredhead2836d ago

they better bring this game to the states. when it was 1st announced i didnt know how to feel but after watching a couple of preview videos it looks really fun. im also stoked for yakuza 4 in march.

Ponurasky2836d ago

This is just pure awesomnes. L4D, Dead Rising and all other lame zombie games can go feck themselves.

kvg882836d ago

If this doesn't hit North America, I'm going to be pissing a quart of blood in pure rage lol Seriously, I'll have to import it because it looks like mad fun.

Redempteur2836d ago

as complete as you expect for a ryu ga gotoku game ..