Gamespot: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

An enjoyable Story mode, powerful creation tools, and great online features make Sackboy's sequel a giant leap forward for LittleBigPlanet.

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-Alpha2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Very happy with the scores, though slightly baffled this game got a lower score than LBP1. LBP2 seems to do everything better but I suppose LBP1 had a bigger initial impact back then.

LBP1 is really archaic in comparison now. And that's precisely how I know LBP2 is a worthy sequel.

blusoops2832d ago

the only review left from major sites is now Gametrailers...not that it matters at this point. All i know is that most of the issues i had with the first one, have been addressed plus i'll be getting my collectors edition on Tuesday!

-Alpha2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Hurry! They are going fast! I suspect some poor European chaps will order internationally too.

I ordered mine MONTHS ago, I'm so excited for the game ends-- it's such an awesome and thoughtful idea-- it's an LBP2 designed stand that keeps your game library from falling over for those who don't know. They have it for books/bookshelves and Mm is making one for video games :)

(not mine)

The plushie looks a little weird. The mouth/eyes space seems a little wide. At least it looks big though (9" I believe)

blitz06232832d ago

lmao Alpha I love that pic with Master Chief

starcb262832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The plush isn't that cute :\

This sackboy is really cute.

jaysquared2832d ago

Seeing these lbp 2 articles remind me of the days when ps3 fanboys would proclaim the lbp1 was gonna be the next YouTube/Mario and how it was gonna sell Halo numbers.. Lol if I can only find those fanboys now.

colonel1792832d ago

Alpha thanks for the pictures. I was very eager to know how the Collector's edition was. I actually don't like the plushie at all. I cancelled my collector's edition for LBP because I could only get one, so i decided to go with Dead Space.

IMO, I think I made the right decision. I think Dead Space Extraction and the Pistol (name?) looks way better and are better value than "alien" sackboy plushie and the Bookends. But that's just me.

Army_of_Darkness2832d ago

to the release date of dead space 2..... I'm more excited about dismembering those pesky necro- thingys!

Bathyj2832d ago

The Plushie looks like sackboys retarded cousin.

The ones on the bookends look better.

FrankMcSpank2832d ago

This score was expected after the Preview. The same guy who butchered the hell out of GT5, did it. He made the preview look boring. He downplayed anything cool. Overall he made it look like a chore to play this game. I do not like his reviews. He seems to rate the games harshly. 9/10 is still great, but he looked like he started at 10/10 and gig'd it to ensure a lower score.

Zydake2832d ago

When they said We get a plush I assumed it was that 1

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Kamikaze1352832d ago

I'm guessing because of the story? Even though the story really isn't important in this game. Anyway, this is what a sequel should be! Improving on the important aspects of the original. I hope with the easier to understand creation aspect of the game, we'll see more creations from first time players of the franchise or people who lacked the skill in the original to properly bring out their ideas.

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RageAgainstTheMShine2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


actually scores nor sales figures won't matter now. I am sure many gamers will play this game to no end for the years to come and we don't have to worry about game support from Sony or MM because they have proven that up until now with LBP1.

LBP2's quality is like the Street Fighter II of the Play.Create.Share genre. LBP2's quality will sell itself regardless of scores.

If you have heard Alex Evans of MM in the interviews, LBP 2 was made primarily for LBP game creators to have as much as many tools they can have to make game creation much, much easier than LBP because creating games is really the most fun & rewarding part of LBP 2.

yeah, the Game ends are so irresistible and also a great display piece.

DigitalAnalog2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I for one am not surprised by the scores. The standards for a AAA-score has become so high that there must meet exceptional requriements for it to be justified.

I expect HARSHER reviews for the likes of Gears 3, Uncharted 3 and Dead Space 2 since the only improvment they could give is a new enviornment and graphics going by their review standards. Unless of course, one of these games produces something fantastic or and aspect that can be exploited to pure brillance, then I don't see any of them getting a 9.0 easily.

And yes, this also applies to the legendary COD. I do NOT expect them to reach 8.0 going by these extreme standards. Otherwise, the gaming media have just proven themselves to be tools.

-End of Line

Masterchef20072832d ago

Or has greg Kasavan told me once personally on Gamespot forums. (no joke here its the truth)

I complained about the DMC3 score and he told me
"If the score bothers you just imagine it higher"

That was my last post at gamespot.....

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ps3rider2832d ago ShowReplies(6)
Rageanitus2832d ago

Seems to be getting pretty dam good reviews... but for some reason I never enjoyed the first one nor did I like the Demo. I think the problem is it just seems like this game has no "progression" .. Its a game where you just play one level and then you go onto the next and repeat... not sure how to explain that.

DoomeDx2832d ago

Unlockables? Lots of em

NeoTribe2832d ago

I get a kick out of seeing what people come up with.

MGRogue20172832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Yeah... But I haven't played the first one.. Well, I've played it but not completed it.. So I'm worried that I won't be able to understand the story in this one..

daghost11252832d ago

story is not really important, its the creativity of the user generated content that make LBP so Epic. 3 user million user generated levels all ready for play on lbp2. Some but others are simply magnificent. I played a Disneyland level and i was amazed how accurate it was. Dont worry about the story LBP2 is money....

SnakeMustDie2832d ago

There is no story continuity in LBP2. The first one is about helping the creators and stopping the collector. This is saving Craftworld from the Negativatron with the help of the alliance. Just think of the story of both games as seperate universes like FF.

2832d ago
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