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"If you're reading this, you already have the best gaming system you're ever going to have: the PC. Why do you think you need a console? That's the problem: you're not thinking. (I realize you may be reading this on a Mac. That's your problem. Don't come whining to me. You know what happened to Adam and Even when they got their hands on an Apple?)"

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bacano2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

But the very point is: I want to sit and play gears (or god) of war, uncharted, halo, etc... What can you offer?

"If you put a fraction of the money spent buying ANY of these into Microsoft stock, you would be having your robot read this to you aboard your gold-plated yacht, instead of the squalor that now surrounds you"

Funny, but I don't think so. Games may be cheaper on pc, but if you want to keep on playing newest games with high-settings, you better start working!