2010 Sucked: What the hell, Square Enix?

Destructoid - It used to be that when you saw Square / Squaresoft / Square Enix on a game, it used to be guaranteed gold. Now, it seems like fool’s gold. If you could take a trip in the DeLorean (since 2010 held the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future) back to visit me anywhere between 1997-2000 and told me that in 2010 America would get not one but two standard numbered Final Fantasy titles in one year I would have told you that 2010 would be the greatest year in gaming history.

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Solans Scott2886d ago

I haven't played any Square Enix games since Final Fantasy 12. The only things I want from Square Enix this year is to announce a release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and a PSN version or remake of Chrono Trigger. Sadly I'm not holding my breath.

Call_me_Ishmael2886d ago

i kinda feel sorry for them that they are having trouble financially,i hope they get better and can pump out ffs like the old days.

MaideninBlack2886d ago

I haven't bought a SE game yet this gen...except for FFVIII on PSN but that was made by Sqaure Soft so it doesn't count.

Last gen I bought Kingdom Hearts, FFX,XI,XII,X-2 and several games from Enix.