25 Terrible Current-Gen Game Boxes (PICS)

GameFront: Game box art has certainly gotten better through the generations; pretty much every game had s–t box art in the 80s, but now only like 80% of the boxes are ugly as sin. The gallery features some of the best of the worst game boxes from the current generation. This gallery is not definitive, and it is not ranked. Just enjoy it.

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VersusEM2931d ago

I have to agree, all those box arts are pretty terrible, the most famous of the bunch is Mass Effect. For such a great game wow, it's too crowed and the characters are too oversize. But I guess in the end it box art is the least important quality.

jarrod19812931d ago

yeah boxart is meanigless. especially if the game is as good as ME2. some of them are just downright awful though and you just know the game is gonna be equally awful just by lookin at it. especially with nintendo games.

Kevin ButIer2929d ago

Lol Gallop and Ride... man thats creepy

FACTUAL evidence2930d ago

lmfao I died when I saw the world champions dart game box art....

Kevin ButIer2929d ago

^Agree, they must be the Polamalu and the Fitzgerald of the dart's world

norman292930d ago

Who cares what the box art looks like? you buy whats inside the case not on it, unless you frame them all an hang them on your wall...

Derekvinyard132930d ago

party babys is better then uncharted 2 and halo reach IMO also the best game ive played this gen

GodofSackboy2930d ago

Yeah, I didn't get why more people didn't buy it. I thought it was a AAA game. Seriously underrated.

Kran2930d ago

I love Mass Effect 2, but I will agree on the box art. They could have given it an amazing box art rather than the one it has

acky12930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

on ps3 you don't have to put up with poor box art :)

edit: nice one kran, fortunately for you mass effect 2 comes in a blu-ray disc case on ps3 so the box art will be automatically beautiful. Be sure to buy MGS4 and UC2, two of the greatest games of all time.
Sony 'til I die

Kran2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Well speakingof PS3, I not long got a new phone contract.... that comes with a 320GB PS3! YAY!!!!! Should arrive next week!

Although technically, isnt the PS3 box art to ME2 the exact same as the 360's?

Katana Yamato2930d ago

Yeah, that DMC 4 box art is crappy, 99% of it is because of Nero.

But i think everyone knows that Japanese box art is probably the best with EU box art coming in a close second (well somtimes).

I just hate the crappy Greatest Hits label on PS3 games...its so...ugly sumtimes.

MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

as much as i think uncharted 2 is the best game this gen, it has a horrible box art. I hope uncharted 3 sticks with the one it has know it looks amazing :0

EDIT: 25 box arts on 25 different pages :0

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The story is too old to be commented.