Select SOCOM Fans Going to Zipper to Play SOCOM 4

Zipper Int. is inviting select SOCOM community members to a special community day at Zipper to Play SOCOM 4.

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King-Leonidas2887d ago

The tittle needs a grammar check.

socomnick2886d ago

I agree.

Socom, zipper and Fans should not be in the same sentence.


Bolts2886d ago

Will those Socom fans even recognize this as a Socom game?

bayport2886d ago

That's why they were invited. So the studio could get direct feedback

mugoldeneagle032886d ago

That they picked the right ones. I've been a SOCOM player since 1, but ever since they separated all the forums off I kind of stopped going there.

Funny thing is though I could easily remember 5-6 names that posted constantly and made good points. Just hope Zipper choose some of the more critical ones to bring us back some good feeback

I love SOCOM!

CrimsonFox132886d ago

I doubt they'll be able to implement much of the feedback in time for the April release date (iirc), but hopefully they'll either patch it in or use it for the next game they make, be it another MAG, another SOCOM, or something else entirely.

RedRedSuitSDF2886d ago

Socom hasn't been good since Socom 2. God I miss those days.

sickbird2886d ago

i totally agree, those who disagree arent hardcore socom fans.

RedRedSuitSDF2886d ago

And I agree with what you just said. Part 1 and 2 were awesome. Part 2.. jesus, what can I say? My friends and I were actually staying home on Friday and Saturday nights to play video games instead of going out. We'd be up all night playing clan wars, and going off on Frostfire and Crossroads... great times!

And then part 3 came out, and I'll never forget the first time I was shot by someone in a jeep, and then died, and then got run over by the jeep, and it counted that as another death. Look at the score, and I'm 0-2. Socom 3 the biggest glitch fest ever, and all the promises from Zipper of how they're going to keep it updated, and fix everything. They didn't fix anything.

And now look at Zipper... leaving MAG, which people well, a small amount of people love... yet they're leaving that game to put another SOCOM out. Well.. hopefully this returns SOCOM to it's glory days. Socom Confrontation sucked!

NoBias2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Or else this could totally backfire on feedback within the community. They MUST have a good product on their hands. Been a hardcore SOCOM fan since the first. I cannot wait until this comes out.

Ps_alm3k2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

This is true!

It's either they have a extremely good game, or they cherry pick their Fans.
I Know for a fact that Socom fans are the most vocalist/critical of any game to date.
Zipper is taking a huge risk.

olLANDSHARKlo2886d ago

Can't wait for the game. Is the release date in april, I thought I read somewhere it was July?

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